The weekend in Boston has been going GREAT so far! Before I get into my running for the week, here’s are some pictures from our weekend so far!

Saturday morning started bright and early at 5:00 AM. I got up to get in my 9 mile run so that we could be at the expo right at opening.

Boston Expo3

The treadmill shut off at 60 minutes, so I immediately restarted and completed 9 total miles in an 8:49 average pace.


I came back up to our room, showered, and we headed to downtown Boston to the expo.

Boston Expo2

I loved seeing all the Boston support around the town. The 5k was also finishing up while we were there. I love watching any race!

We waited in line for a little bit until they opened up the doors.

Boston Expo1

Wes picked up his bib number and then we walked around the expo. The great thing about getting there first thing is that it isn’t completely packed yet.

Boston Expo4

We walked around, tried on some clothes, and just enjoyed the experience. I am even more excited to be able to be here and run this next year! 2016 Boston Marathon I am already coming for you!

Boston Expo1

Wes finished the expo off with NormaTec session. I think he’s found what will be on his birthday wish list.


We spent the rest of the day eating, walking around the mall and relaxing. It was a really beautiful day on top of that. Someone needs to tell the weather to keep it up and leave the wind and rain they are calling for Monday for another day.


Now that we’ve gone through that, let’s look at my running for the week:


Monday started off with a nice and easy 5 mile run.

Boston Expo8

I kept it nice and slow and kept reminding myself not to push it out because I knew I had a pretty big workout on Tuesday.



Tuesday was my first workout of the week. My awesome hubby helped pace me for it.

The speeds I am using for my workouts are ones I should hit when I am in shape for my next marathon goal. I am not there yet, so I ended up extending the recovery on the workout to make sure I could hit the paces.

The workout was:

2 mile warm up
6 x 800 (3:19, 3:14, 3:13, 3:15, 3:17, 3:13) with a goal of 3:15 per 800.
800 recovery between each (originally called for 400)
1 mile cool down

In total after everything I ended up with right around 9 miles.



Boston Expo9

Another easy run on Wednesday for a total of 6 easy miles. I was afraid it was going to be a rainy morning, but it ended up being nice and relaxing!



Evidently the rain waited to hit until Thursday morning. I was all dressed and ready to go out and when I let Zoe out to go to the bathroom I realized it was pouring rain.

I quickly changed my clothes and got in the car to get to the gym.

Boston Expo7

This week’s workout called for “15 minutes out and 15 minutes back faster.” I had a game plan for outside, but since I ended up on the treadmill I decided to do a progression run.

I started at an 8:30 pace and upped the speed every 3 minutes. I ended with the last 6 minutes at goal marathon pace or faster ending at a 6:58.

With the warm up and cool down I did a total of 6.55 miles.



Friday was our travel day to Boston, so it was the perfect time for my rest day.



As I talked about above, I did 9 miles on the treadmill before the expo. Nothing too exciting, but I was pretty tired.



The workout for this morning is going to be “20 minutes hard hills.” My goal is to find a hill near our hotel and run it as many times as possible for 20 minutes. I’ll include a warm up and cool down and my guess it will be a total of around 6 miles.


Another week is in the books! I’m actually pretty excited I was able to complete the entire week while traveling to Boston. I know Monday I probably won’t be running since I’ll spend most of the morning and afternoon watching the marathon.

I’m hoping to get a run in on Tuesday before hitting the road, but I doubt my normal workout will happen so the week ahead will probably be repeated so I can get it all in.


If you want to follow along hit week, you can follow me on my Instagram.


How was your running this week?

Anyone running the Boston Marathon tomorrow? Good luck to all the runners!

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