Isn’t it funny as we get older how birthday’s just aren’t that big of a deal anymore?

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. The last and final year of my 20’s. It’s hard to believe that 10 years passed that quickly!


Don’t get me wrong, yesterday ended up being a pretty great day, even though I had to work for a majority of it. Plus, we have a lovely dinner planned on Saturday night with my family!


Here are a few pictures from the day.

I started the morning off with a Fartlek. Is there a better way to start your birthday?


I actually had my clothes laid out to run outside, but when I woke up it was thundering and lightening. I went downstairs to try to use our treadmill and it wouldn’t turn on.

After laying in bed for about 5 minutes, I convinced myself to get up and go to the gym. They opened at 5:00 and if I could get in and get it done, I could still be back in time to shower and get to work.

Got it done!


My awesome coworker decorated my desk for my birthday. Sponge Bob anyone!?


My Mom sent me this picture and a birthday greeting!


You know it’s me by the ginormous forehead! HA!


In other Friday random news….

10k Training

Do you remember when I did a 10k training plan before starting marathon training last time? Well, I’m officially 8-10 weeks out from my next round of marathon training. I should start somewhere in the middle of June (18 weeks total).

I already have my marathon goal, though I haven’t shared it yet on here, I will I promise! I know that regardless I need to get faster.

I’ve decided to try my 10k training plan again for the next 8 weeks or so. It probably will end up being 9 since next week and traveling to Boston may change my schedule up a bit.

The mileage is cut back but the intensity is up. In total there are 3 workouts per week of different intensities. It worked last time, so lets do it again! I’ll share more details on Sunday!


Home Treadmill

I’ve decided I don’t like running on my home treadmill. It’s great to have, but every time I run on it my legs just take longer to come back. It’s definietly a last resort option at this point!


Plus, when Wes was on it the other morning it just shut off when he tried to start his hill work? Of course all this happens on the week it’s rained almost every morning!


Love This Song

This is a great easy running day song!

“Love Me Like You Do” Ellie Golding


What is something you are looking forward to this weekend?

What’s your favorite running song right now? Give me some ideas! I need an update.

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