Today is the day we pack up and head out to Boston!

danville to boston

It’s going to take us a bit longer than it used to from Pennsylvania, so we are on the road bright and early this morning.


In case you missed our journey to Boston last year:

Boston Marathon Expo

Boston Marathon 2014 (Wes)

Boston Marathon Day in Pictures


This marathon and city holds a very special place in our heart. If you didn’t already know, this is where Wes proposed after running his very first Boston Marathon in 2010.


We’ve come so far since that day.

Today I thought it would be fun to share with you all exactly what the week before a marathon looks like in our home. Of course, since Wes is the only one running this one it isn’t quite as bad.

Pasta, Pasta and More Pasta

We are very regiminted about food the week before a marathon. We have both suffered from stomach issues in races, so we’ve slowly begun to see what works for us.

We stock up on lots of pasta the week of. We typically eat it with a little olive oil and seasonings (of course paired with protein and veggies) until 1-2 days before. On the day of the marathon, its plain pasta.

Race Week3

It’s not delicious, but if it keeps stomach issues at bay then it is worth it!


Shoes Everywhere

Wes always knows what shoes he is going to wear for the marathon, but just in case the weather decides to go crazy he always sorts through every shoe he owns to make sure he takes all the necessary back ups.

He needs 2-3 pairs for the weekend and ends up taking around 5-6! Ha!


Weather Stalking

We have both had Boston, MA on our weather app for about 2 weeks now. For the last 10 days we have been stalking it religiously.

Race Week1

Fingers crossed for a great weather day!


Lots of Laundry

I try to have absolutely everything washed and ready just in case we need it.  Even though I’m not running the marathon I still have some training to get in while down there so I am preparing to take a few running items as well!

Race Week4


A Trip to Pick Up Throw Away Clothes

At some point the week before we usually take a trip to find some throw away clothes. This is especially important for Boston because I can’t go to the start line with Wes like I can in others.

Race Week1

Anything he takes to the start line he has to check or throw away.


Getting Music Ready

I rarely use music in a race, but I used it for a small portion of my last marathon at the end.  I normally don’t need it because there are people around.

Wes often has large and long spurts where he runs by himself. He usually finds music to be really helpful for these, so perfecting the marathon playlist is a must!


Animals Protesting

All of our animals know when we are getting ready to leave. Zoe went to stay with the dog sitter last night, but the cats are quickly revolting and demanding to come along with us.

Race Week2

Poor things! Hopefully they will forgive us.


Time to travel. See you all from Boston!


What does your house look like the week before a marathon?

Do you have any rituals you follow?

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