This week sure hasn’t turned out the way I originally expected. Hey, it happens right? That’s the thing about this running game. You can be on top of the world one week and the next one your struggle day by day.

Life happens, sickness happens and we just have to learn to roll with the punches.  After my stomach bug most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday my Thursday run ended up being cut short and even Friday morning my energy was lacking.


Here is a look at my week in running:


Monday was a bit rocky because my legs were still feeling tired from the weekend’s long run. However, once I got going I felt pretty good. I still kept a pretty good pace throughout the entire run.

Running Week2

I finished it off with 8 x 10 second strides and then picked my husband up from his workout.  The countdown is really on!



Tuesday went off without a hitch. I actually felt much better Tuesday morning and focused on slowing my pace down. Like I said in my post earlier this week, even though I hate looking at my watch on easy days I forced myself to in order to make sure I was going the right speed.

Push Through1
In total I ran 6 miles at an 8:37 pace.  I would have been right on pace but I added 6 strides in at the end.



After getting deathly sick at work on Tuesday,  I decided to stay home from work on Wednesday and didn’t even attempt a run.

Finally around late afternoon I could feel myself starting to feel better, and was able to finally keep some food down.



I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get my original planned Wednesday workout in when I woke up. It was a passing thought Wednesday, but I knew when I woke up that my body didn’t have it in it.

I thought maybe I could still do 6 easy miles; however, once I got out there I realized my body had other plans.

I kept hoping that I was just feeling weak from it being so early in the morning, but as the miles progressed I realized that wasn’t the case. Most likely my body was just still pretty worn down from 24 hours of sickness and probably dehydrated as well.

Running Week5

I opted to cut it at 4 and focus on resting up because I wanted to make sure I could have a good run come Saturday.



I took Friday off per usual just to make sure I would be rested on Saturday



I was really nervous going into Saturday. It’s one thing to get out on a 6 mile run and realize you don’t have it in you, but to get halfway through a 14 mile run and then hit a wall is even worse.

We went out to our local running trail and I vowed to myself to stay in the mile. I didn’t want to get ahead of myself and I wasn’t sure where my body was at.

The first mile was a 9:09, but as I got into it they slowly started cutting down. After I hit 4-5 miles I realized that I was feeling much better. I was finally able to relax and focus on one mile at a time.

Running Week3

In total I did 14 miles in right around 2 hours. To say I needed this run would be an understatement. This really helped me feel so much better after a frustrating several days!

The only issue with this run was that the entire 3-4 miles back was straight into the wind. It’s okay, i’ll take it!

I guess my 10 hours of sleep Friday night really helped!



The goal is for 6 easy miles. Fingers crossed!


There you have it. Not the week I would have originally hoped for, but you can’t win them all. Things happen and you just have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward.

I will repeat the past week next week since I am not on a time crunch and still make the week we leave for Boston a step back week.


Speaking of Boston, Wes’s bib number and booklet came in on Saturday! He completed his last tempo run (14 miles in 1:18) on Saturday and that’s always his last big workout before race day.

Running Week4

I am so looking forward to being there and cheering him and all the other runners on! I especially can’t wait to be there with him in 2016!


How did your running go this week?

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