I hope everyone has had a fabulous week! I’ve been all about resting and de-stressing all weekend and it has been pretty awesome!

This week has been pretty good when it comes to running, before I get into anything else lets talk about that shall we?!



The start of the week called for 6 miles.  I ended up getting out of bed earlier than expected since I hadn’t slept well the night before.

I ran my 6 miles much quicker than expected. I was surprised just how good my legs felt for Monday morning.

6 miles

Afterwards I went and picked Wes up from his work out. It enables him not to be quite as rushed to get back since he has to be at the hospital by 6:30.



Every week my current plan adds 1 mile. This allows a slow gradual progression in mileage. This will be perfect because by the time this plan ends I will be a little less than a month out from the beginning of marathon training.

Instead of my normal 5, Tuesday picked up to 6 miles as well.


Nothing real special, but finished it off with 6 x 10 second strides.



It was back to a tempo run for this week’s workout. I’m always a bit nervous when Wednesday rolls around, but I just tried not to think about it and get out there and make it happen.

Instead of running my normal road for tempos, I did switch it up this week. I went to the same parking lot I did my mile repeats last week and just looped around it as much as I could.

I was really tired that morning, but during my warm up I noticed that my legs still seemed to have some “pop” in them.


I ended up destroying my tempo which was supposed to be at a 7:28 average with a 7:17 average. I felt really good and could have kept going! In total I did just over 7 miles with a warm up and cool down.

It was a great confidence boost for mid-week!



The final run of the work week was an easy 5 miles. It really wasn’t anything special to talk about, just 5 early miles followed up with some core work and stretching.


My legs once again felt much better than they had the week before!



As per usual, Friday was my rest day.



I usually  have a set plan when it comes to Saturday. I knew I needed to run 14 miles but when I woke up that morning I had no idea what course I wanted to do.

Instead of planning every inch of it out like I usually do, I decided just to go out and run.  This run came in a lot of waves. Some miles I felt really good and then other ones were a struggle. All in all though it was a nice run!


The weather is slowly starting to get better which makes me happy! I can’t wait to be able to go out each and every morning in a tank top and shorts!


I ended up doing 14 miles with an 8:27 average pace.




The plan is an easy 5 miles. I’m heading off to see my family so it’ll probably be a little earlier than normal, but just focusing on letting my legs recover.


The biggest difference I noticed this week is that my legs felt fresher. There could be many reasons for this, but I think the mileage cut back has had a big part in it.

During marathon training with Hansons, they want you to be tired. Training through the cumulative fatigue helps to make you stronger and ready for race day.  I think I got so used to that, that I forgot how it felt to actually have recovered legs.

I’m really enjoying this time! It allows me to get a little more recovery, and also gives me a little more free time to be there when my husband needs me to get him ready for Boston! Working 75-80 hour weeks and trying to get in your best shape for Boston isn’t easy, so I try to help wherever I can!


I hope you all have a great Sunday!


How did your running go this week?

When do you notice your legs feel the best?

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