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I believe it is is imperative that we all treat ourselves. We work hard and play hard right?! Or in my case wok hard, run hard and play hard!

Weekends have always been a time for Wes and I to relax. Our weeks between my jobs, running and his job seem to be a little all over the place! We rarely find time to step back and relax.

On the weekends we like to step back and enjoy ourselves. Not think too much into it or wonder what tomorrow will bring, live in the moment and enjoy!


As many of you know, I am also a cat (and dog) parent. The husband and I have always had a sweet spot for the furry little things.  We even go our most recent addition after moving to Virginia last June.

Litter Genie2

Along with fully treating ourselves, we believe that our “babies” deserve to be treated every now and again as well! This weekend seemed like a perfect time to pick up something special while we were out and about for them!

Litter Genie8

The funny thing is, our cats have begun to learn when we have a treat for them. They have been known to dig through shopping bags, open cabinets where treats are, and knock them off the counter onto the floor in hopes of them “magically” popping open.

I really do think cats are much smarter than we give them credit for!

The moment I got the Fancy Feast out of the bag for them, they knew something was up!

Litter Genie7

You don’t even have to say anything, just tap the top of the container and all three of them will come running!

We’ve been using Fancy Feast for a while for our cats. Here are a couple good facts to know about Fancy Feast:

Litter Genie6

  • For over 25 years, Fancy Feast has been committed to preparing the most enjoyable gourmet meals for your cat. Their quest for culinary perfection is a pursuit to bring love and joy along with balanced nutrition.
  • Every delicious Fancy Feast selection is made with high-quality protein sources and ingredients

Litter Genie3

While it isn’t a treat our cats get every day, they do enjoy it 1-2 times per week when they have been behaving! Ha!

Litter Genie1

They currently have a great deal at Target. You can buy any TWO Fancy Feast -24 pack OR Litter Genie Pail/Refill and get a free Cat Toy or Friskies party mix cat treat!

We were able to pick up their favorite Party Mix treats as well! The offer is good until April 11th, 2015 or while supplies last!


The animals of the house got a great treat this weekend, but how did I treat myself?

  • Sleeping in as late as I wanted (which only ended up being 7:30-8:00)
  • Enjoyed a great date night out with Wes Saturday
  • Spent time completely away from my computer
  • Limited social media for the weekend

Sometimes the way we treat ourselves can vary, but no matter what we all (furry friends included) deserve it!


How do you treat yourself?

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