We all have moments when we realize, something needs to change.

Ever since the Kiawah Marathon I’ve been just kind of running on a whim. Sure, I have workouts and long runs but I very rarely have a plan and most of those are figured out the night before or on the day of.

Honestly, I thrive on a plan. I’ve always known this but we can’t be on a plan all the time.


If you remember back to my training with Hanson’s Marathon Method I averaged around 50-60 miles per week. I think I peaked at 63.

Since I got back into running post-marathon I’ve been averaging 55-60 miles per week. That’s been the same mileage I was running during marathon training. I had a few weeks of less mileage thrown in every now and again, but overall a bit too much.

As someone who has dealt with their fair share of injuries, this probably isn’t the smartest idea. When it comes to running it’s all based around risk. We do things that put us at our best chance to succeed while taking only the necessary amount of risk to avoid injury.

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Unfortunately, over the past month or so I’ve been increasing that risk more than I am comfortable with. We can only sustain marathon training for so many weeks and then we need to change things up.


You may remember back when I set my next running goals I mentioned training for a half marathon. I realized it was time I began training. However, I want to make sure to decrease my miles.

I’ve officially come up with a plan (using partly the Runner’s World Smart Coaching) to help train me towards a half while also cutting back my mileage.  I will probably be adapting this some throughout the 13 weeks.

Half Marathon Training1

Sorry it’s so small.

The things I really love about this plan:

  • It cuts back my mileage
  • One workout (or tempo) per week
  • I still get in my long run
  • Less mileage during the week

Instead of my normal 2 workouts per week, it takes it down to one. However, the other runs (which are shorter) are faster than my normal runs. That will be a bit of a change to adjust to.

love that I still get to keep my long runs on the weekends. There is something really theraputic for me about the long run, and this plan allows me to keep it while cutting back in other places.


I plan to use this for the next 12-13 weeks. This will get me to around June 1st, then I will start thinking about my plan for my fall marathon. This will help me work on speed while cutting back on my mileage.

The plan averages 42-46 miles per week, with a peak of 53. I think that is much more manageble and better for my body right now. I’ll increase my mileage again when I enter my next marathon training phase.

I do plan on hopefully doing a half marathon at the end of it, though which one has not even been looked at yet!


I’ll still be focusing on strength and core training, but with the cut back in mileage it will allow me to spend more time focusing on this.

There you have it. It’s nothing fancy, pretty simple actually. It’s not a full on training plan like I do for marathon training, but I don’t need that right now. I am going to embrace this phase like any other and take the good and the bad that comes with it!


I also want to say a very special shout out to my husband today. 10 years ago today, we officially became a couple. It has been one heck of a road, but I couldn’t be more proud to spend it with him!

The ups and downs, highs and lows, good times and bad I am proud to call you my husband and best friend! I love you!


Have you ever taken a mileage step back?

What is the last distance you trained for?.

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