I am happy to report that after an awful 24 hours I am able to keep food down again! Unfortunately, my body has felt pretty weak up until today. I tried to go out Thursday morning before going back to work to run 6 miles, but I only got in 4 before calling it a day.

My main focus now is to get better and stronger before my long run on Saturday. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Sometimes when I am having a tough week I like to find some inspirtation on the internet. My husband is usually pretty good at pointing a lot of these out to me as well, but I thought in the spirit of Friday I’d share some fun and inspirational clips to help you get geared up for the weekend!

A lot of you may have already seen some of these, but I hope you all enjoy!


1. Kayla Montgomery 

This awseome video about Kayla Montgomery, a girl who was diagonised with MS but never let it stop her from following her running dreams!


2. Meb Keflezighi Wins the 2014 Boston Marathon

I was there last year when Meb won the Boston Marathon and it still gives me chills! It was such a wonderful moment for all of Boston! I am so excited to watch this again in just a few weeks!


3. Rise and Shine

Sometimes when I have a hard time getting up in the morning to run I like to watch this video. It is such a great motivator to get out there and get it done!


4. Steps

Another great video to watch when you need a push to get out there. The words are really what are most powerful to me in this one.


5. The Pregame Speech

This is great to listen to before a big race or a big run. It was made for the University of Miami, but its a great pre-run speed for anyone!


Tell me, what’s your favorite motivational video?

How do you help motivate yourself?

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