Sunday’s are my day to talk about running. Not that I don’t talk about running every day, but it is fun for me to look back on my week and see the good and the bad. It also shows me that once again I made it through another week!

You know those runs when you are exhausted and just don’t think you’ll ever make it through? Yep you do. I hope I am not the only one who does this so that I don’t sound completely dramatic sometimes.


Are you ready to look at my week of running? I am, so here we go….



I already talked about Monday a bit in Wednesday’s post. I started the week off with struggling through 8 miles.

It wasn’t the best run, but that’s okay. We can’t have good runs every day.



Tuesday means I am back in workout mode. I was excited for this. Sometimes when you get into a funk with running, throwing in a workout will get you out of it. It worked again for me this week.

I decided to switching things up Tuesday and do a variety of intervals:

Warm up
4 x 800 (7:41 pace)
4 x 400 (7:07 pace)
4 x 200 (6:23 pace)
Cool down

Tuesday Workout

In between each “repetition” I did a 1 minute recovery and in between each “set” I did a 400 meter recovery.

Weekly Recap2

I like to type out my workouts on my phone in case 4:00 AM brain decides to kick in. Then I can write down what I actually ended up doing at the end.

In total, I ran just over 9 miles.

The goal of this workout wasn’t to go all out for each interval. I wanted to slow the interval pacing down a bit but to do more of them.



I was up super early on Wednesday to get in my run and help Wes with his. He started from the house and I parked about 2 miles away to I could meet him to switch out his shoes for his workout. Then I could pick him up and drive him back at the end of the workout. This allows him to focus more on the workout instead of worrying about rushing back to get to work.

I don’t know how he gets up at 3:30 AM every morning because it about wiped me out that day.

Early Miles
I ended up running 9 miles while he was doing his work out. It was nice getting out into a new area for a change in the early morning.

Needless to say I was in bed early on Wednesday night. I even fell asleep in my car at lunch. I think if I were to get up at that time every day that I’d have to go to bed way earlier! I like my 4:20 AM wake up time just fine.



Every week when I make it to Thursday I get really excited. I have one last workout. Thursday I wanted to speed things back up and do slightly longer intervals.

I finalized on this workout:

Warm Up
6 x 1000 meters (7:03-6:53 pace)
1 mile recovery
10 x 10 second strides (6:00 pace)
Cool Down

Thursday Workout

I took 2 minutes recovery between each set of 1000 meters. In total, it was just over 9 miles, same as Tuesday.

I was a bit worried after how tired I had been on Wednesday, how I would feel for this workout. After determining my pace, I decided I would start out a bit slower and work my way into it to see how I felt. I started the first three at a 7:03 pace and then finished at 6:53 for the last three. I was surprised just how good I felt.

Even the strides at the end felt much easier than they had in the past.



As per usual, Friday was my rest day. It’s always tough for me in the morning because I want to run but I enjoy the extra hour and a half of sleep!

I’ve gotten on a Friday baking kick. Wes doesn’t get off work until after 7:00 pm, so I’ve been using this time to bake a treat for the week.


This week I made these delicious, Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Bars. There is nothing nutritious about them but they were really good!



After being stuck on the treadmill last Saturday, I was so excited to get back outside. I really didn’t have a plan for Saturday’s run going into it.

My husband wanted to do a minimum of a 10-11 mile tempo, so we decided to head out to a local trial to do it since it is one of the best places for tempo runs.

I did a 2 mile warm up with him after we parked and then went off on my own. I ended up running a moderate effort for a majority of it. I threw in 2 miles that were harder effort (miles 6 and 11) and then mile 7.5-9.0 was done on a trail. The “harder effort” ended up being 7:52 and 7:37. I didn’t try to stick to a certain pace just based it off effort. It was a bit of a hodgepodge of a run but I felt really good.

14 Miles

I finished with just over 14 miles.

Post Run 


Easy 8 miles on the books for Sunday (I type this on Saturday, so not entirely sure how it will go.) I do know that I won’t go over 8 and it will be very easy, especially after yesterday’s moderate effort long run.


There you have it. Another week is in the books. I’ll leave you with this quote that is so true.

Work Your Ass Off


How did your running go this week?

What workouts did you do?

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