I can’t tell you how nice it was to get away for the weekend. Even if it was a quick there and back trip, it sure helped me to relax and forget about the stress of the past few weeks!

Saturday I had a wonderful 14 mile run. I really needed that after the exhausting week. Sunday I woke up and realized I had a tough decision to make. We had really high winds down at the coast all weekend and my option was 20 degrees and 30 mph winds or the treadmill. Neither one of them sounded appealing.

What did I choose?

Neither. I opted to take an extra rest day and end last week with right around 49 miles. The great thing about not being in marathon training is that I don’t feel as guilty about taking extra rest days.

Snow and Rest604

Even though the winds were a bit brutal, it was still a beautiful weekend!

Snow and Rest600

The weather didn’t last long though. Snow and ice came through on Monday night. I opted to switch my workout day to Monday since I had off. It was also coming off a rest day so I felt my body might be a little bit more rested.


I haven’t done 2 mile repeats since marathon training, so this was a tough workout! I’ve got a goal in mind for my fall marathon so I’m slowly starting to use those paces for my workouts. Lets just say I have a ways to go, but that is to be expected!

1.5 mile warm up
2 x 2 mile repeats (7:30 pace)
1/2 the time recovery between each (7:30)
1 mile (7:30) – this was a failed attempt at a 3rd set of repeats
2 x 400 with 400 recovery
Cool down

Snow and Rest602

In total it was just over 9 miles.

As you can tell it was a bit of a hodgepodge workout. It started out simple but I had to adapt it halfway through.


Monday afternoon the snow started to fall.

Snow and Rest601

We haven’t had a single snow fall yet this year, and after 4 years in Erie I have to say I really wasn’t upset about it. I have to admit though it really was pretty watching it come down.

The snow continued to fall for most of the night. Around 10:00 pm right before I went to bed it had turned to mostly sleet.

Snow and Rest603

I woke up Tuesday morning to about 3-5 inches of snow. Nothing too outrageous for what I am used to, but enough for it to shut most of the city down.

My work didn’t close, but they did have a delayed start until 10:00 am. Getting up at 6:00 am versus 4:00 am was SO much better! I wish I could do that every single morning.

I have a feeling that I am going to be stuck on the treadmill a lot this week, especially this morning. I am not willing to risk slipping on black ice while trying to do workouts. You just do what you have to do and keep going. I am so thankful that I am away from this every single day!


I’ve mentioned a few times over the past week about some changes going on at work. The past weeks have been a bit crazy. I’ve been working much harder and longer and been a bit burnt out. A big reason I think I was so exhausted during most of last week.

I finally am excited to share with you all that I was recently given a promotion at work! It is official as of today. During the past couple weeks I have been training for my new position, training someone to take over my current position and trying to do my work all at the same time. I’ve been all over the place!

On top of that my side work has picked up with is great but causes a lot of extra work to do at night when I get home.  I’ve been really trying to take each day one at a time and be content with what I can accomplish.

Snow and Rest600


I’m hoping that as the craziness starts to die down I will be able to get some of my energy back.  This week has been somewhat better. Today will be my first day back to 4:00 am wake up call, so that will be the true test!

Here is to another week! Looking forward to all that is ahead.

Did you get any snow?

Are you a snow runner or do you take the treadmill? I will run in the snow when it is light out and when I am running easy.

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