This week was odd. Not in a bad way, it just seemed a bit disjointed.

It all started on Monday morning. This was the first week I’ve had Wes home at nights again. Don’t get me wrong, I love having him home. Monday morning it was pouring rain. Not just drizzling, pouring. Wes had a workout and he gets up about an hour before me (3:30 AM).

I could have run outside, and maybe I had a case of the Monday blues, but I could not drag myself out of bed to go and run in the terrential down pours.

I ended up having to head to the gym after work to fit in my run.  This week has officailly confirmed that I have transformed into a morning runner. Never again. It was HOT in the gym, I had to fight for a treadmill and I had no energy. Therefor, my 8 miles that had been originally planned turned into 5.

5 Late Miles

I wasn’t upset really, because I knew I had a workout in less than 12 hours and I really didn’t want to over do it.


Here is a look at a run down of my week:


5 miles



2 mile warm up
6 x 800 (7:03 with the last at a 6:56)
Roughly 2 minutes rest between each
2 mile cool down (with 8 x 10 second strides)

Workout Tuesday

9 miles total



8 miles

8 Miles



2.5 mile warm up
6 x 20 second strides
30 mintute tempo (7:30 pace with a “burst” of 6:50 pace for 30 seconds every 5 minutes)
2 mile cool down

9 miles total






13.62 miles

Weekly Running5



8 miles


Overall, not a bad week at all. Just a weird start. I don’t know why but sometimes when the week gets off on the wrong foot I just feel a little off.

My workouts this week went great! It makes me feel much better that my legs are finally back after the marathon. It took a couple frustrating weeks to feel like myself again, but I can tell my body appreciated taking it easy.


I threw a tempo back into the mix this week. Here was a break down of my workout:

2.5 mile warm up
6 x 20 second strides
30 minute tempo
2 mile cool down

For the 30 minute tempo I stuck to a 7:30 pace for a majority of the run. However, every 5 minutes I would do a 30 second “burst” at around a 6:50 pace.

If you are ever nervous about a tempo run, try adding in 5-6 strides BEFORE your tempo run begins. These are done faster than your tempo pace and for me it made the 7:30 pace seem much easier.

Weekly Running4

Oh, and I highly suggest when you have your day off from running to bake some Peanut Butter Cup Stuffed S’mores Bars!

Weekly Running6

Yes, they were as good as they sound. For a few of you who asked on Instagram, I used this recipeThank you Pinterest!


On top of running this week, I’ve also spent 3 days in the gym doing weights and core work. It hasn’t been easy and some nights I so badly just want to go home instead of going to the gym but I am already noticing a difference so it is well worth it!


Saturday’s run was my longest run post-marathon. It felt really good and it was a beautiful day! Finally a weekend where it doesn’t rain the entire time!

Weekly Running3

I’m sure people looked at my like I was crazy. It was in the upper 30’s when I started and I was in shorts. For some reasons my legs don’t get cold. I wore an ear warmer and gloves with 2 shirts and it was perfect.

Yes, I still have a few Christmas decorations up. Don’t judge me. 


Finally, I leave you with Maroon 5’s new song (if you haven’t already heard it) that I downloaded right before my run Saturday. I love it!



I’ll be back in the morning with an awesome giveaway, so make sure to check back!

How did your running go this week?

How many days a week do you weight train? I am aiming for 3 and then I do core week every day.

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