It is such a simple word, but there is so much to it. We all have our own passions. Things that make us thrive, that makes us tick that in many ways simply makes us who we are.



I always refer to running as my passion. The other day while I was out running (I know, go figure) I started thinking about this. If you would have asked me if running was a passion 3-4 years ago I probably would have laughed at you. I would have told you no, it isn’t.

At the time I’m not really sure if it wasn’t a passion or if I just didn’t know what passion was. I didn’t realize that having a passion doesn’t mean that you are out there smiling with joy every single day. No, passion is much deeper than that.



I believe that running is a passion of mine for several reasons:

Nothing Can Replace It

I’ve tried to do so many different things to replace what running gives me, and nothing works. I’ve tried to listen to what other people’s passions are and try it out for myself but it usually ends up leaving me feeling like something is missing. There really is nothing that can replace running for me.


It Makes Me Better

As cliche as it is going to sound, running makes me a better person. It’s not only a mood enhancer but it really transforms not only the way I view things around me but the way I view myself. The confidence and drive it has given me personally towards myself is unmatched.


It Challenges Me

I think the most common misconception I had about passion is that it was something that I would be excited about every single day. Wrong.

There are days where I want to do just about anything else besides run. There are even days where I choose not to go and run and to let my body rest or just becuase I don’t want to, but it doesn’t change the fact that running is my passion. Passion doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that you always want to do it, it means that even on my off days I am excited about what running can do for me. The challanges that it gives me are just part of the fun.



I Never Stop Dreaming

A lot of times in my life I’ve been afraid to set goals. I’ve been afraid to add pressure to myself to meet something that often times I’ve doubted.

Running has taught me how to dream big and set those goals. To challenge myself with goals that I really didn’t think were possible. Even when I meet goals, I am still always dreaming. I always have bigger hopes, bigger dreams and it pushes me to think beyond what I ever thought was possible.

Even if it’s a year from now, 5 years from now or 10 years from now I never want to stop dreaming.


I Always Want to Learn

Running always makes me want to learn more. I love to browse, to read and to understand more about everything that it involves. There is always more information to learn and I love to read about others and what is working for them.

I never want to get stagnit and always want to be learning something in regards to running, training or nutrition. It is something that is both enjoyable and relaxing to me.

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Passion doesn’t mean you’re good at something. Passion doesn’t mean that you always love something. To me, it means that you strive to become the best you can. It means that even failures don’t derail your dreams. You still strive to learn from your mistakes and become better.

Have I always been the perfect runner? HECK no. I could list the reasons why I haven’t, but I think most of you know them.

Do I still make mistakes? Yes. That’s part of the game. Sometimes we have to make the mistakes to learn lessons, learn how to become better and dream bigger. Every time I make a mistake it is just as frustrating, but there hasn’t been a single mistake that hasn’t made me a stronger and better runner.



Now that I’ve talked enough, I guess my point of this post is just because something is your passion doesn’t mean it’s always fairytales and butterflies. I struggled for many years to find my passion when most of the time it was right in front of my face.

Don’t get me wrong, running isn’t my only passion or my biggest passion it just happens to be what the main focus of my blog is. Everyone has different passions, don’t try to compare yours to someone elses or think that something has to be your passion because it is to someone close to you. We are all unique.

Find your passions and let them grow. Invest in them. Whether it is your marriage, your children, family, running, crossfit, weight lifting, your job whatever it is invest in it. Give it everything you’ve got.


What are some of your passions?

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