Well hello there! Hope your week is going well. It’s been a little bit crazy around here but overall it is moving right along. There isn’t much to complain about!

I thought I’d catch you all up to some of the good and the bad of the week since the last time I checked in.



After our long treadmill runs on Saturday we needed a date night badly. With Wes’ schedule right now he only gets one day a week off. Since he has to be into the hospital by 6:45 AM on Sunday it is usually a pretty early Saturday night. However, we wanted to make the most of it.


We tried a new Mexican restarauant in town and it was delicious. I am pretty sure I could eat Mexican food every single day.



Sunday is probably one of my favorite days to run. It is always hard to get myself to get it done just because I am usually tired from Saturday and it is the end of the week, but I always am so happy when I get out there.

8 Miles Sunday
Just a little over 8 miles, beautiful sunshine, shorts in January and nice and easy pace. It was just a wonderful and relaxing run.



Monday morning’s run could not have been more of the opposite. I got up at my normal 4:20 AM wake up time and stumbled out the door for my 8 miles. It was long, I was tired, my body felt like led and I had heartburn like mad.

Monday run

You win some, you lose some. I wasn’t upset about it just was one of those runs you are happy to have behind you.

On a positive note, they were calling for rain that day but instead it ended up just being overcast. I was prepared and ready to run in the rain so it was a nice surprise not to have to deal with that.



To save money, I always pack my lunch. I am always in a rush in the morning so I also end up packing my breakfast as well.


I think I am going to need a new lunchbox soon though. Breakfast, lunch and two snacks can barely fit anymore! It makes me happy though because I have finally gotten to the point in my life where I am eating the right things at the right times. Sure, some days are better than others but it makes me happy.



After my bad run on Monday, the rest of the morning didn’t get much better unfortunately.

I left my desk keys at home in my jacket I wore Friday, which delayed me getting started about half an hour. Then the coffee machine wouldn’t make coffee. That is pretty much a death wish on Monday morning!

However, it always puts things into perspective when I found out that my counterparts at work in NY were expecting 12-24 inches of snow. I really don’t miss that one bit.



I posted this on Instgram about a week ago, and thought it was time to share it on here as well.


I was going through some old pictures in my phone and I came across the picture on the left. If you have been a long time reader, it was a picture taken after my 10K PR when we were living in Erie.

I was happy in the picture at the time because I had just ran a fast race for me, but it was short lived because of all the other things going on in my life. I was restricting, running too many miles and just at an overall bad point in my life. I was also about a month out from my stress fracture diagnosis.

The picture on the right, was one of the pictures taken at my marathon in December. It was another big PR for me but the biggest thing that is noticable is I was in a much better place. I had trained smart, no longer restricting, and I had conquored a lot of the demons that were haunting me previously. Sure, I did gain weight between the two but I was fine with that. I was stronger than I had ever been, and looking at it now it was a big turning point. I had done it the RIGHT way.

An outsider looking in might not notice much of a difference, but to me it was a big realization of just how far I have come.



I got an email notification from the Chicago Marathon on Monday evening going through the details of how to enter for this year. While I am not positive which fall marathon I am going to be signing up for, it made me feel awesome to know that I now officially can receive guaranteed entry based on my marathon time.

Good and Bad1

Definetly turned my Monday around!



I apologize for not announcing the winners in Sunday’s post. I didn’t have them all yet, but here are the winner’s of the Thera-Gesic giveaway!

Congrats everyone! Thera-Gesic will be contacting you directly if they haven’t already!


What has been one good and one bad thing about your week?

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