Sometimes at the end of the week I like to look back and reflect on the awesome things that are making me happy. Recently, I have felt so blessed and thought today I woulds hare some of the things that are making me happy in my life right now.


My Hubby is Home

I’ve mentioned briefly on the blog a couple times that my husband would have to go out of time a lot at the end of October and November. One of the main reasons that my marathon got pushed back.

For safety reasons, I didn’t give much detail but my husband left at the middle of October and went three hours away to Norfolk, VA to complete a month long pediatric rotation.

Even though the area he was in was beautiful, it was tough having him away for so long.


As of last night, my husband is finally back home to me! He was supposed to be there until Friday but after I got off work Thursday night I came home to find him waiting on me! He surprised me a day earlier and I couldn’t be happier!

I can’t wait to spend the entire weekend with him. I feel like it has been forever!


A New Job

You may remember about 4 months ago I announced that I had found a job and was excited to get back into the swing of things. The past 4 months have been great and I was so blessed to have found such a great group of people to work with!

About a month before I interviewed for the job I am in now, I had an interview for a job with a commercial bank. I though the interview went really well, but for one reason or another the job didn’t pan out so I accepted this job as a means to an end.

Dreams Into Plans

About a month ago, the people I had interviewed with perviously reached out to me and asked if I was still interested in the position. They had another one come available, and immediately reached out to me. I was completely shocked, but said yes and began discussions with them.

I’ve been in the investment and personal banking almost entirely since I graduated college but have always been looking for a way into the commercial side. This was the perfect chance!

On November 24th, I will start this new chapter of my life! It’s hard to believe that this has been such a crazy road. The people I currently work for have been so awesome since I’ve told them I would be leaving. They said they always knew bigger and better things were in store, and even though they were sad to see me go they were extremely happy for to take this jump. I feel very blessed!


This Tempo Run

Thursday morning it was time for me to attempt another tempo run. I took this one inside for the morning, but knew that I would need to be pretty mentally tough in order to complete it.

My goal was simple: break it up into 3 mile segments, and if I still felt good at the end of 7 that I would pick up the pace slightly for the last 3 miles. I put the treadmill at a 1% incline and got started.

The first 7 went well, so I gave it a go with the last 3 and bumped the pace down to 7:53.

1 mile warm up, 10 mile tempo (8:00-7:53) and 1 mile cool down for a total of 12 miles. A pretty awesome way to start off your day, and all before 6:00 AM!


These Crazies

I don’t know how I would have gotten through the last 4 weeks without these furry friends.


Seriously, it may sound crazy to some but they keep me sane even when everything else is going crazy. You can never feel alone when you have three cats and 1 crazy dog under one roof!



Simple Beauty

I think we often get so caught up in our lives sometimes we look past the simple beauties of life.  I get a little bummed every year when the time changes. It’s hard getting out of work and it already being dark; however as I was driving home this was the beautiful sunset in front of me.

Simple Beauty

I have to say this picture really doesn’t do it justice, but it was a great reminder of the simple beauties in life.


What are some things making you happy this week?

What has been your best run so far this week?

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