First off, thank you all so much for your kind words on my marathon announcement post! I am really excited, and have already heard from a couple people who have run Kiawah. Of course, the nerves will eventually kick in full steam but for now I am enjoying the excitement!


Today isn’t a long or fancy post, but I wanted to share something with you all that I came across the other day. It was one of those quotes that I saw and it just hit me automatically.


That is some powerful stuff right there.

As you all may remember, back almost a year ago I wrote a very honest post about how I at the time was trying to dig myself out of some disordered eating habits. It wasn’t that greatest time in my life for many reasons, but after a wake up call I decided it was time to change.


As I begun my journey towards my next marathon, I wanted to make SURE that I didn’t fall back into my old ways. I had come so far and worked so hard to get into a healthy mindset that I really wanted to make sure I didn’t fall back into an old mindset. You can overcome things, and still be prone to going back to those old habits.


What I love about this quote is this:

  • Every single runner is different. All different shapes, sizes and skill levels. However, at the end of the day we all run.
  • A runner’s success comes from the effort that we put it in. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, if you put the work in then you will succeed. Running success is earned.
  • It’s all about acceptance. Until you accept yourself, you can’t go anywhere. Until I could accept who I was and let myself make mistakes, let myself learn, and grow then I wouldn’t go anywhere.


We all fight each day to become the runner we want to become. When I started training for this marathon, I accepted my body the way it was. I didn’t try to shape myself into someone else, I decided to shape myself into the strongest form of a runner I COULD BE. No one else. Just me.


As I said, nothing special, nothing fancy, just a simple quote that spoke to me that maybe will speak to some of you too!


Have you ever read something that just spoke to you?

What is one change you’ve had to make to shape yourself into the runner you are today?

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