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This time of year is always a struggle when it comes to getting sick. Aside from this time of year, being in an stuffy office with various people who are sick can make someone trying to stay healing for a marathon VERY nervous!

For this month’s Puritan’s Pride smoothie challenge I decided it was time to create a smoothie that would help my body stay as healthy as it can to avoid catching any more sickness between now and my marathon.  On top of that, I also wanted to create a smoothie that was not only easy on my stomach but that would actually help my body’s digestive system!


A few of the items I made sure to include in my smoothie:

November Smoothie Challenge1

Kale Powder – Kale is all around very nutritious vegetable. The powder is made from fresh, raw Kale and then custom freeze dried. This is the best method for preserving the chemistry of the plan in its fresh form. You can guarantee that by adding kale powder (or kale itself) into any dish or smoothie you are packing it with nutrition!

November Smoothie Challenge5

Psyllium Husk Seed – This is a rich, soluble fiber and helps to keep your digestive track moving smoothly. The fiber helps to slow down your body’s digestive system enabling it to absorb more of the nutrients from foods.

November Smoothie Challenge7

Emergen C Immune with Vitamin D Blueberry-Acai – This is a great supplement that helps to provide key nutrients including: vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc and a proprietary immune complex to help keep your body healthy. This is especially important to me right now as I am trying to keep my body healthy and ready to go for my marathon. No time to get sick!

Puritan’s Pride Whey for Her Vanilla – Whenever I create a smoothie I always add in protein powder. This is especially important now as pretty much every day I am recovering from an early morning run. On top of making sure to consume lots of whole protein rich foods throughout the day, this adds in and extra boost plus a delicious vanilla flavor!

November Smoothie Challenge2


Peanut Butter Banana Boost

November Smoothie Challenge4


·         1 tbspn peanut butter

·         1 banana

·         1 packet Emergen C

·         1 tspn psyllium husk

·         1 spoon full of kale powder

·         ½ cup almond milk

·         1 scoop Whey for Her Vanilla

Just blend all the ingredients together and enjoy!

November Smoothie Challenge1


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