This week officially hit the 4 WEEK mark until my marathon. It was a bit surreal because now the count down is OFFICIALLY on! It’s amazing how long some days can feel but how quickly time passes.

There were some fun but busy changes happening this week:

1. My husband finally coming home
2. Finalizing up the start of a new job in a week

I knew I had to stay focused on the last few weeks of training, and that has been my focus throughout the entire week. Just keep my eyes on the price.


Here is a breakdown of my workout this week:

Monday (11/10)

Hansons 171

6 miles easy

Hansons 172

The gloves officially came out this week. It has gotten COLD!


Tuesday (11/11)

Hansons 176

Warm up
7 x 1000 meters (7:41 pace)
3 minute recovery between each
Cool down

9.5 miles total


Wednesday (11/12)

Hansons 175

6 miles easyHansons 171

Thanks to someone on Instagram, I realized I was dressed just like a Minion for Wednesday’s run! Minion running for the win!


Thursday (11/13)

Hansons 174

1 mile warm up
10 mile tempo run
1 mile cool down

12 miles total

Friday (11/14)

Rest Day


Saturday (11/15)

11 miles


Sunday (11/16)

10 miles


Saturday’s run was done at the YMCA. I knew I wanted to do a little something different than just 10-11 miles at a set pace so I decided to switch things up a little bit.

The break down was:

2 miles easy (9:22 pace)
2 miles moderate effort (8:27, 8:13)
2 miles easy (9:22 pace)
2 miles moderate effort (8:27, 8:13)
1 mile easy (9:22 pace)
1 mile at marathon pace (8:00)
1 mile cool down (9:30 pace)

Hansons 173
Sorry for the awful picture, the lighting wasn’t the best.

11 miles total, but because of the constant changing paces it really made it fly by. I felt really strong throughout the entire thing too. It’s amazing what one-day off can do to help your legs recover.

I could have done 11 miles at a slow easy pace, but I just wanted something to keep my mind engaged and this ended up being perfect.


Looking back on this week, I’m not sure if I really have a TOUGH workout. I felt strong for each of my runs for the most part. It’s funny because during some of the workouts I would tell you it’s SO HARD but then looking back on it I realize it really wasn’t that bad.

I’ve got 4 weeks left in my marathon plan. The last 2 weeks will start a taper, but these next 2 weeks will still include the same sort of workouts.

I will do my final 16-mile run next Saturday and my final 10-mile tempo the following week. It’s crazy to think that I am that close to the end, but I am so excited to see what the outcome will be!

This has been one of my best weekends in a while, simply because my husband is finally back at home and it feels like things are right again. We had such a great weekend visiting family, relaxing and just enjoying each other’s company.


What was your best run this week?

What was something fun you did this weekend?

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