This has been such a wonderful and motivating weekend! There is nothing more exciting than watching someone else race. It gets you pumped. Sometimes when you are mid-way through training you need a little extra boost!

Wes Running

I will have a full recap of Wes’ marathon, and his thoughts on it in the next few days.

We did have a wonderful evening of celebrating his success! We drove in to see my in-laws and had a great night together. My mother-in-law is racing in her first triathlon in the morning, and we are so proud and excited for her!


Today will finish up week 11 of my Hanson’s Marathon Training.

Marathon Training

This was once again more of a step back week in terms of mileage, and even though I was looking forward to it my body was pretty tired this week.


Here is a recap of my workouts and runs throughout the week:

Monday (9/29)

6 miles easy


Tuesday (9/30)

1.5 mile warm up
2 x 3 miles at 7:50 pace with 800 recovery
1.5 mile cool down

10 miles total



Wednesday (10/1) 

6 miles easy


Thursday (10/2)

1 mile warm up
9 mile tempo run averaging at 7:56
1 mile cool down

11 miles total

Tempo Run


Friday (10/3)

10 miles easy


Saturday (10/4) 



Sunday (10/5)

10 miles easy

10 Miles

As you can see I switched around my rest day this week. I knew that getting up at 3:30 am for Wes’ marathon and then driving back home would tire me out so running when we got back was probably out of the question.

Instead I woke up on Friday morning before work and ran an easy 10. Even though I was apprehensive on how my legs would feel after my hard tempo Thursday, they actually felt pretty good. I really focused on getting the right protein and carbohydrate mix in on Thursday to promote optimal recovery.


Best Run

I would have to say my best run this week was my 10 early miles on Friday morning. I was able to really relax and just enjoy the 10 early morning miles. It was just very relaxing overall.

I was equally as happy to complete my workout and tempo for the week, but there was just something about being able to relax and enjoy that early morning run that made me happy!


Toughest Run

This week I think it has to go to my workout on Tuesday. It didn’t go bad by any means, but I could tell my body was pretty tired. Aside from just the training I hadn’t had a good night of sleep and I just felt worn down.

It did make me pretty proud to finish it even though I wasn’t feeling at my best!


I think as I am beginning to see the improvements I am getting more nervous for my race. As I said I have several goals, and would be completely happy with a PR but it is so motivating to see your hard work begin to pay off!


How has your training been this week?

Did anyone else have a race this weekend?

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