I don’t know about anyone else but I’m tired!  Just trying to keep plugging along to get to the weekend!

As you are reading this, I probably just finished my “long” run for the week. I have 2 runs, each of 10 miles scheduled for the weekend but due to some schedule changes I have to fit my first one in on Friday morning.

We are heading to Charlottesville, VA today after work for Wes to run a marathon in the morning! Due to his crazy schedule, he had to back out of the Chicago Marathon. We knew there was a chance of this, so he has been searching for a marathon nearby for quite a while. This was the only one that was affordable, close by and on the one weekend he could do it.

So we are off for him to run the Rivanna Greenbelt Marathon! It’s a super small marathon on a local trail but I am so excited to watch him race again. It will be a quick down and back trip, but hopefully well worth it!

Rivanna Greenbelt

I want to share with you all his goals for the race, but being the superstitious person he is I promised to wait until his race is over. More details coming!!

I didn’t want to bump my marathon up that early since I wanted optimal training time and knew cutting that many training weeks out of my schedule wasn’t worth it. I will be doing my marathon (as he too) at the end of November early December.

We are still waiting to sign up until the time gets closer due to his schedule. I had a marathon planned from November 5th but Wes will be gone for several weeks during that time and he really wants to be there for me. We found another one but haven’t signed up yet. As soon as I pull the trigger, you all will be the first to know!

Running has been hit or miss this week. I think I am finally feeling the effects of not having a step back week, and even though I can’t say anything has been bad this week I’ve just been very tired. It’s part of the training game.

I really shouldn’t complain though. I hit my work out on Tuesday:


1.5 mile warm up, 2 x 3 miles at 7:47 pace with 800 recovery, and a 1.5 mile cool down.


It was a hot and sweaty run even on the treadmill inside. I was so happy to be done with it at the end!

Thursday morning I got out and also hit my tempo run.

Tempo Run

9 miles at a 7:56 average! A good run, but still really determined to get my pacing down a bit more. I stayed consistent until the last mile.

My bracelet from Momentum Jewelry was right on today, this run was EARNED NOT GIVEN!

If you hit your workout and your tempo run all in one week, I’d say that’s pretty good! The rest of my runs for the week are easy so I look forward to getting a bit of a break!

Make sure to follow me this weekend on Instagram for some updates on Wes’ race this Saturday! I can’t wait for another few months to pass so I can be out there racing as well.

Are you superstitious before a race?

How has your week been?

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