Someone needs to explain to me how a 3 day weekend goes by so quickly!? I am going to miss the extra sleep so badly.

I woke up Monday morning and got one last run in before we headed home. I ran 6 very hot and humid miles.

6 miles

The run went very well aside from the fact that I ran into a HUGE dog about a mile into it who didn’t seem to want to leave me alone. The owner was nowhere to be seen, so I ended up turning around and switching up my course.

As a dog owner, it drives me nuts when people don’t even know where their dogs are and just let them run wherever they want! At least keep an eye on your dog. Thankfully he seemed like he just wanted to play but every time he jumped on me he was taller than me and kept scratching me all over my arms. Ok, on to other things…


We got back from the beach last night around 8:00 pm, which gave me a little time to catch up some work before calling it a night.

I’m looking forward to a tiny step back in training this week as well. As I mentioned in Sunday’s recap Hanson’s does one week of real hard training with a harder paced long run followed by a slight step back with a slow 10 miles on both Saturday and Sunday. The 10 miles back to back isn’t always easy but it does allow you to recover a little bit after a hard week on your legs.


Yesterday officially marked the start of September. It is so hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and fall is on its way!



I’ve decided to keep focused on positive things I’d list out the top things I am looking forward to in September:

1. Finalizing Marathon Plans

I mentioned the other day that my marathon plans had a wrench thrown in them recently due to some scheduling issues. I plan on getting things finalized here shortly and will share more as it comes about!


2. Cooler Weather

Though I’m sure the cooler weather isn’t hear yet, one of my favorite times of years to run is in the fall. I look forward to cool weather runs and enjoying how beautiful Virginia will look with the changes trees.


3. New Gym

We joined the YMCA a few weeks ago, but starting next week they are opening up their brand new facility. The one we have currently works, but is lacking in some areas so we are looking forward to trying out the new facility! I’m sure there will be some early mornings there in the future.


4. Getting Into the Swing of Things

September will mark my first full month of back to working full time. Since summer is officially coming to an end it will finally be a chance for me to get fully back into the swing of things.

In some ways it makes it hard because my husband’s schedule is ever changing, but at least one of us will begin to have a somewhat predictable schedule.


5. First Full Pay Check

Next weekend I will get my first full paycheck (I got a partial one last week) and that makes me so happy. To have a steady income that we can count on and plan on makes things so much easier! Also, this will mark for the first time in 5 years that we have TWO incomes. I can’t tell how you how happy that makes me.


6. Football is Back! 

We spent part of the afternoon Saturday watching our team play their first college football game. We are North Carolina State Wolfpack fans! While it looks as though this may be a long season I’m excited that college football is back on the TV!


Oh, and I am crossing my fingers that we will be able to make it at least one game this season! It’s been way too long.


Tell me, what are you looking forward to in September?

Do you watch college football? What team do you pull for?

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