Happy Monday! This is going to be quite the week when it comes to running for me. The highest mileage week to date of 61 miles! Whew! I am tired just sitting here thinking about it. Just taking it one day at a time!

Sunday started off with a 10 mile run. Wes was on call again and got up super early, but I opted to sleep in though my body didn’t end up sleeping past 7:50 am. Not sure actually if it was my body or my herd of animals that wanted to be fed, either way I got up a little before 8 to get ready to run!

I had 10 miles on the schedule for Sunday. I ended up running the same exact pace as my Saturday run. Not sure how that happened!

10 Miles

The run went pretty well. My goal was simple: stay relaxed. I think I succeeded at this pretty well and enjoyed relaxing. The weather had a cool breeze which also helped! Anytime I choose to delay my run it makes me a bit nervous.

Afterwards once Wes had a break we headed over to the new YMCA that just opened up to check it out. He decided to get in a few extra miles and meet me over there.

River Trail

The YMCA is right on the river and all the cardio equipment overlooks it. In fact, a local trail runs right past the YMCA. Great if you want to get in a run outdoors and then go instead for strength, core and stretching work!


This is Wes trying to figure out how to get the treadmills to set on “marathon mode” so that they don’t cut off at 60 minutes. It is usually one of the first things we always look up when we try a new treadmill.

It really is so beautiful and new! I don’t think I have seen a gym that new and just opened in a long time. A few things were still in the plastic wrap! It got me really excited about belonging to a gym again.


Running outdoors will always be my favorite, but I always prefer running on a treadmill and strength work at a gym when I have the option. I am sure there will be many awesome hours spent here in the future!

We came back home and I caught up on work while these two took a little nap.

Nap Time

He’s had a really busy week and needed his rest!


I’ve gotten several questions over the past several months about my goals and how I choose the goals I set. I realize that to many my goals my seem a little over the top. I am going from a 4:28 marathon and wanting to run a 3:35  – that’s a HUGE jump.

Going into my marathon my primary goal is NOT to BQ. I sure would love to, but my primary goal (outside of just finishing healthy) is to PR. If I were to go into the marathon, PR but not BQ I would be perfectly happy.

Coming from my past with injuries and such staying healthy is always number one. I realize that a BQ may take me several attempts to finally get, and I am OK with that. It’s a big goal and the only way I will go after it is if I make sure I am staying healthy.

That being said, I am always one who is going to set big goals for myself. I could go through and just run the marathons without a goal, I have done that twice in the past, but this time around I wanted to give myself a push. I wanted to train myself to go after a dream that at one point I never thought I would even attempt.

Dreams Come In

I’ve always held myself back because I didn’t believe I could achieve certain things. I am done with that. Sure, I may not BQ this time around, but I am still training to run the strongest best race I can to put me in the best case scenario if I am ready for it that day.

Grand Vision

Come marathon day if I run a PR I will be ecstatic. If I run a BQ I will be even more ecstatic but I do realize that I am a work in progress, as we all are, and I look forward to continuing my quest for as long as it may or may not take!


I hope everyone has a fabulous start to your week!


What is a huge goal you have for yourself?

Do you belong to a gym currently? How often do you use it?

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