Happy Sunday! It has been a BEAUTIFUL weekend here, we really couldn’t have asked for anything better! It’s time for another weekly training rundown, so here we go:

Marathon Training

This week wasn’t quite as easy as last week, which is funny because I had an overall decrease in mileage. I guess it goes to show you that some weeks are just simply better than others.


Here is a breakdown of my week:

Monday (9/15)

6 easy miles

Tuesday (9/16)


1.5 mile warm up
4  x 1.5 mile repeats at 7:47 pace with 800 recovery
1 mile cool down

10.5 miles total

Wednesday (9/17)


6.5 miles easy

Thursday (9/18)

1 mile warm up
8 mile tempo (only managed an 8:13)
2 mile cool down

11 miles total

Friday (9/19)


Saturday (9/20)

11 miles


Sunday (9/21)

10 miles


Toughest Run

Okay lets talk about a couple of the runs later during the week starting with Thursday’s tempo run. I got up at 4:05 am and was ready to go for what was supposed to be a 9 mile tempo run.

The warm up went okay, it usually takes a bit for my legs to get into it when it is that early in the morning but I felt relatively fresh and ready to go. I started the tempo and the first 3 miles were fine. I hit right on the 8:00 min pace if not slightly faster. However, as soon as I started mile 4 things started to change.

I noticed that my legs just didn’t have the kick in them that I had previous weeks and it was much more challenging to hit the 8:00 min pace. I kept pushing and slowly noticed that the pace kept creeping down. I hit mile 5 and was averaging around a 8:10. I told myself I would do one more up and back (which would have put me at 7 miles) and then if it continued getting worse I would call it a day.

The pace kept creeping down and around 6.8 miles I saw my husband running down the road. He was coming to check on me, and since my pace kept going down I told him i was going to call it. He encouraged me to go to 8 miles and then just cut it and run based on feel instead of the required pace.

8 Mile Tempo

Thank goodness he pushed me that extra mile. I ended up running 8 miles in around a 8:13 average pace. It’s not awful but it’s not what I wanted to do either. We win some, we lose some – I was determined not to let it get me down. You just keep moving forward.

This will have to go down though as my toughest run of the week. No matter how hard I pushed it just wasn’t happening that morning, and sometimes that just happens.


Best Run

Even though my workout on Tuesday went really well, I am going to have to give my step back long run the medal for best run of the week.

I woke up on Saturday morning, finally rested, and headed outside to let Zoe out. I noticed immediately the air had that cool, crisp fall feel to it. I immediately came back inside and got dressed to go run before the sun heated things up anymore.

Arm Sleeves

I was so excited to be able to get out my arm sleeves this morning. They are actually one of my favorite pieces of running clothing. They actually end up helping me relax which might sound strange but it works!

My legs felt so much better and well rested then Thursday morning and I just felt like I sailed for most of the run. I even had to keep slowing myself down. That cool air really does miracles!

11 Miles

11 Miles at an 8:51 average pace. It was a bit quicker than I aimed for, but I am OK with that for Saturday. Sunday will be slower and controlled. It was just one of those runs that just felt good.

I also got to wear my new Momentum Jewelry Earned Not Given bracelet! It is a bracelet made to be warn when running or working out and is perfect when you need and extra boost of motivation!


While this week didn’t go as well as the last, it still was decent. Sometimes you just have to realize that some days just aren’t going to be YOUR day. That’s ok. Get up, regroup, make changes if necessary. Sometimes the tough runs are where we learn important lessons.


Did anyone else have a tough run this week?

What do you do after a run that doesn’t go as planned?

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