Whew, I forgot how hard it is to get up at 5:00 AM in the  morning. I sure wish the sun came up earlier!

5 AM Club

Yesterday I officially got back to the grind, and even though I was ready and excited to start back I really wasn’t ready for that wake up call this morning. Thankfully my training schedule called for an easy run this morning – no complaints here!

6 Miles

6 miles at just around a 9:00 min/pace. Going to be a tough adjustment getting back into this schedule. Most mornings I have to be at work by 7:30 am which means more early mornings are in my future!

I chose to run on the treadmill this morning because I honestly didn’t know where to run around here that was safe. Wes was going to do a workout, and let me know he would check out some areas for me. Thankfully he did find a nice lit road that hopefully might work in the future for workouts! Safety always comes first for me, even if that means running on the treadmill.


I am little nervous to see how today’s workout will go, but I have learned that I just need to take things one day at a time!

When I was working full time I went through spouts of getting up and running and then spouts of sleeping in too late. At the time I had the option of doing one or the other, now it doesn’t workout quite as easily.

Working full time, training for a marathon, blogging, and running my own business means I need every minute of my evenings to get my other work done. That means my running needs to happen FIRST thing in the morning.


Here are a few tips for joining the 5 AM club:

Don’t Give Yourself an Option

This is one of the first things that must happen for me. The moment my alarm goes off in the morning I am up and out of bed. If I allow myself to lay there and think about it, then 9 times out of 10 I am not going to get up. It’s just the way that I know I work.


Think About How Much Better You Will Feel

No matter how hard those early mornings are, I always end up feeling so much better once it is over. PLUS it is a really good feeling to get off of work and know that you aren’t coming home to a tough workout. Sure, some days I’m still exhausted all day but it’s better than coming home exhausted and knowing I still need to run.


Wear Your Clothes to Bed

When I know I am going to have to get up in the morning to run I usually will go to sleep in my sports bra and shorts. This makes it really easy to roll out of bed and have very little to think about. I will go feed the cats, let the dog out and then get strait to whatever run I have planned that morning.


Don’t Think About It

One of the worst things that I think we can do is to think about having to get up that early all day. I caught myself doing this Sunday and getting overwhelmed. Just set your alarm like it is no big deal and go to bed like any other night. The extra stress isn’t going to help anything anyways.


Have a Buddy

I don’t have anyone here I can get up and run with yet, but since my husbands schedule is all over the place he is often getting up super early with me to. Even though we don’t run together just having someone else get up with me makes it so much easier. I’ve had many mornings previously where he would stay in bed, which made it all the more appealing to get back under those warm covers.

It doesn’t always work out, but it definitely helps!


One final random thing, I will leave you with this picture of Zoe in the car on the way home last night. A great weekend at the beach (even though it was rainy)!



Do you get up first thing in the morning to run?

What is your tips for getting yourself out of bed in the morning?


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