Disclosure: I received the Runtastic Orbit through a campaign with SweatPink. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided the product for review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has some fun weekend plans. We are heading to the beach for the long weekend after we get off work tonight. Going to be a late drive, but I am looking forward to it because this is one of the last holiday’s the husband has off!

I am a little nervous about running this weekend. I’ve got a 15 mile hard effort long run followed by an easy 8. Since I had a pretty horrific easy effort long run last weekend, I am a little nervous to see how 15 hard will go. I am fueling up so hoping it will go better than expected!


Today I have a really awesome device to share with you!

Ever since the activity tracker fad started I secretly have been wanting to try one. Especially one that was able to track sleep! I looked around he market, but with most of the price tags I knew that it wasn’t something that would have fit in the budget so I put it on the back burner.

Not long ago I was contacted as a Sweat Pink ambassador to see if I would be interested in trying out the brand new Runtastic Orbit. It was new to the market, so going into it I really knew nothing about it!


Just like many of the other trackers out on the market today, Runtastic provides you with:

  • Tracking of your steps and distance each day
  • Monitors sleep duration and cycles throughout the night
  • Estimates calories burned
  • Set and reach goals throughout the day
  • Connects all of your data through the mobile app


One thing that really sets it apart from some of the others is that you can also use it while swimming. That’s right, the Runtastic Orbit is waterproof!

Runtastic Orbit

When you first open the case you receive two bands and a clip as well. They have multiple colors on their site of bands, but I prefer the plain black because it goes with just about everything.


It comes with a USB charger which I plugged directly into my computer. You can also plug it into the wall if you have a USB adapter. The only issues that I had while using the Orbit was with the charging. The connection between the Orbit and the charger is magnetic, and while that’s super simple and easy it often become disconnected at the slightest tough.

I have to make sure that once I connect the device to my computer than I need to leave it in one position and not tough it until it is completely charged. On a positive note, it does charge very quickly and stays charged for 2-3 days at a time!

Runtastic Orbit On

I first began running my Orbit on my runs. It took some getting used to have the device and my Garmin all on the same arm, but after a while it felt normal! The device will vibrate when you get to 50% of your goal for the day and then again at 100%. In the beginning I found that I was reaching my goal about 3/4 of my way through my run everyday.

I went on and adjusted my goals on their iPhone App and quickly made it more of a challenge for myself each day.

Runtastic Orbit

I thought the Orbit might look a little funny while wearing it with normal clothes, but it looks a lot like any watch wood and the black blended perfectly with just about everything I wore.

Wearing the Orbit

I’ve always been a numbers girl, I was a finance major in college, so for me the more gadgets and ways of tracking just about anything the better! I love being able to quickly check my progress at the end of the day on the app. I also enjoy being able to track my sleep, which is something that has always interested me!

Each night when you go to bed you must hold down the silver button the enter the watch into “sleep mode.” There were a few times that I forgot to do that and I wasn’t able to accurately track it, but for the most part it was pretty simple to remember.


If you are on the market for a fitness tracker, I highly suggest giving this one a try! It tracks everything you need, is waterproof (up to 300 ft.) and can help motivate and encourage you each day!


Have you ever used a fitness tracker?

Are you someone who likes numbers and collecting your workout data?

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