Friday the tiredness from the week hit me hard. I don’t know what it is or why but I felt exhausted the entire morning. I got up around 6:00 which I thought would make me feel rejuvenated but I just couldn’t wake up!

I think between the tough run on Thursday and waking up at 4:45 I just needed a break. We ended up having to take a last minute trip to where my parents live to pick up something for Wes, so we had a nice dinner with them but I felt like I could fall asleep any minute.


After getting home I did a few things and then went directly to bed. Sometimes you just need a nice long good night sleep. My poor husband had to be up around 4:00 AM this morning to get his long run in before going to work.

In all honesty, my brain has been in a bit of a funk. I think adjusting to this new schedule is really taking some getting used to. Since I’ve been in a funk I thought today I would share some of my favorite running quotes to help get me going into my weekend runs. I have two longer weekend runs, but they are to be taken easy. I do 12 miles Saturday and 10 miles Sunday both easy and slow.


Here are some great running quotes I’ve been loving lately:

running motivation 4

This has been very true for me lately. We can all sit back and wonder what if or we can take a chance and go after what we want. It doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, but you will know you have given it all you’ve got! You have to try.

Michael Jordan

This quote went right along with the first. Sometimes our greatest lessons in life come from the times when we failed. When we were able to pick ourselves back up, keep pushing forward and make the most of the lessons we learned.


Such a great quote from Shalane for both running and life. No matter what obstacle is in your way, keep you head up and your heart strong! Keep pushing forward and believing in the hope of your dreams! Because dreaming big is one of the greatest parts of life!

Kara Goucher

There have been many quotes that have spoken to me from Kara Goucher, but I saw this one a couple weeks ago and love it! Sometimes we are our own worst enemy! Make the decision to keep trying and you won’t fail!


THIS quote has been such a great inspiration over the past couple weeks. The work that we put into our training, our families and our lives is often hard. No one ever said it would be easy, but looking back on it when I see the struggles I’ve gone through they really do make the rewards that much better!

Finishing a marathon is so emotional for many not because of the race itself, but because of the immense amount of time and effort that you give to training for it. The reward is better because of the struggle – so embrace it! It will be so great in the end!


What is something that has spoken to you recently?

What runs do you have planned this weekend?

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