We are officially at the beach. We got in a little before 10:00 PM on Friday night and even though it was a long dive, it was worth it! This little girl and I had a lot of quality time together!

Zoe and I

This week wasn’t the easiest, but I am proud to have gotten through it! I am feeling much better than I was at the beginning, and can slowly feel myself coming back.

I ran 15 miles on Saturday down at the beach.

It was a hot and humid day which can be expected down here, but overall I finished out the 15 with an average of an 8:52. Right on pace. It was a pretty good confidence booster after last weekend.

The way Hanson’s plan works is you will do a longer run one week at a hard pace and then the following week you will only do 10 easy. It’s a way to keep your legs moving, but not running hard for every long run each week. I can see the benefit, but it can still be tiring.

Focusing on recovery and proper preparation for reach run is key.


Here is a run down of my week:

Monday (8/25)

8 miles easy


Tuesday (8/26)

6 x 800 meter repeats with 400 recovery


Wednesday (8/27)

7 miles easy


Thursday (8/28)

8 mile tempo run


Friday (8/29)



Saturday (8/30)

15 mile long run


Sunday (8/31)

8 mile easy run


It was a long week, but overall it went pretty well! I get asked pretty often how I feel so far. To be honest, I feel like I am 100% on my way to a PR but not quite convinced I am yet a the point of a BQ. We will wait and see how my training continues.

There is also some changes in the race I’ll be running, but I’m going to hold off on going into that until things are finalized. Hoping to have that done VERY soon! Overall, I’m happy with my progress and looking forward to seeing where that takes me! I hold myself to a high standard but I am also realistic.


Best Run

7 Mile Run

I think the best run I had this week was Wednesday’s easy 7 miles. The weather was cool and I was feeling awesome the entire time. It was one of those runs where everything just clicked.


Toughest Run

I have to say this was on Thursday morning. My tempo run was mentally challenging because the early mornings were starting to catch up to me. I think I was trying to defeat myself before it even began. However, I kept pushing and tried to mentally get focused on the task ahead of me.


We are having a great time enjoying our time at the beach.  In fact, Saturday after my 15 mile run we celebrate with Mexican and a HUGE margarita.


Just what I needed and a great time with family! Thankfully another full day of sun and fun lays ahead!


How did your training go this week?

What are your plans this Labor Day weekend?

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