Yesterday morning started off at the track. Just like every other Tuesday morning. If you ask me though it is a pretty awesome way to start off the day.

Morning Track Session

My workout this week called for 4 x 1200 meters with 400 recovery. As with all speed and tempo workouts it also suggests a 1.5 mile warm up and cool down. Totaling right at 7 miles for the day.

My goal pace for the 1200’s was a 5:12. For some reason today I had a really hard time judging my pace. On shorter repeats it is easy for me to get an idea of my pace, but the longer I stretch them out the harder it is for me to pace correctly.

1st Repeat

When I finished the first one I was a little shocked that I ran it 6 seconds faster than planned. I knew immediately that I needed to slow myself down, but again my pacing was way off.

2nd Repeat

The second repeat felt a lot tougher, so I figured for sure I was going to be much closer to my goal pace. I ended up only finishing 1 second slower than my first.

3rd Repeat

I got some kick back in my legs when the 3rd one came around, but I still once again thought I was running on pace. Getting closer but still a bit too fast.

4th Repeat

The final one came and I could begin to feel my legs tiring pretty quickly. I focused really hard on trying to relax and slow down just a tad. This one was the closest I got – 5:11.

I’m still really proud I finished the workout feeling relatively strong. I ran the cool down no a mile stretch of trails, which really helped me to relax and calm down.


This week has been a little crazy around the house. I have a couple big things going on (which I will share in time) and it has really left me feeling stressed. It’s a good stress, but I really don’t like when things are up in the air or aren’t settled. Hopefully by the end of this week things will be all worked out. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself! HA!

To help get me out of the house and a break from my computer, I took Zoe on a 2 mile hike in the late afternoon.


Believe it or not we were actually hiking, but then all of the sudden she got tired and laid down. I’m not quite sure why because after the 2 mile hike I am pretty sure she wasn’t tired at all.

To all of you dog owners out there – what is the trick to tiring a crazy dog out? We play outside 5-6 times per day plus 1-2 walks. I wish I had her amount of energy!

It was so relaxing and really helped me get refocused. I got home, made dinner and had a great and productive night. Sometimes you just need to get away to be able to refocus.


On a super happy note, I will be returning to my favorite place ever this weekend.


We are taking advantage of the last weekend Wes will have both Saturday and Sunday off with one last summer trip to the beach. I am already looking forward to laying out and relaxing! It may be a quick trip, but it is always worth it!


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What do you do when you are under a lot of stress?

Did anyone else go out on the track recently?

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