Before I get into my focus for the week, let’s talk about running for a bit shall we? After my 14 mile run on Saturday my legs were DONE. They were sore, my body was tired and that was to be expected since I hadn’t run that far in over a year.

I woke up Sunday morning and saw that I had 8 easy mile on the schedule. Sure, it sounded easy but I could tell my legs really didn’t want to run. I decided to go out to a local trail and take it as easy as I needed to go. I started the first mile on a unpaved trail to get my legs into it.

8 Miles

I averaged a 9:15 and once I got going my legs felt better. The rest of the day didn’t go quite as well though, hoping my legs feel better Monday morning!

Adidas Boost

I also got to try out my new Adidas Energy Boosts! I will have a full review coming in the future, but I loved them!


Mondays are always a great day to look forward and focus on the week ahead. Sometimes we set new goals, decide to try new things or just plan out how to have a successful and productive week.

Recently right when I thought things were going to calm down, I was surprised (in a good way) by a few unplanned things coming up. All great things but I have found myself overwhelmed in more areas than one. I am always one who is highly motivated and focused on what I need to do, but sometimes I find it taking over my every thought.

Do The Best You can

Last night as I was getting overwhelmed at looking at some things I have coming up this week I reminded myself of one simple thing, just do the best you can.

I think so many times we put so much pressure on ourselves we forget that we are only human. Whether it be work, family or running we want to be the best at everything. Or at least we try to be. Some days I wake up early, work all day, work all night and I still feel like I am 10 steps behind.

I'll do My Best

My goal for the week ahead is simple: do the best you can. We are all going to have crazy days, rushed days, times when we feel like we are in a constant state of being behind. We have to remember that we are only human and we can’t do anything more that what we are dealt.

Taking life one day at a time and being content with what I can accomplish in that time.

Do the Best


What goals do you have for yourself this week?

Do you ever feel like you are running behind?

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