I am really excited for today’s blogger feature. This is one of the first women I met when I began blogging, and she is pretty awesome! Please welcome Megan from The Lyon’s Share.


Name: Megan


When did you first start blogging and why?

I started blogging in May of 2013, after wanting to do so for at least 3 years. I had been reading health and fitness blogs for a while, and I was looking for a creative outlet to be able to share my passion for health and fitness with others. Ultimately, it was kind of a personal test, too – I was considering leaving my corporate job to start my own nutritional consulting and health coaching business, and I wanted to make sure that having some “responsibilities” in the health and fitness world wouldn’t burn out my passion for it. Luckily for me, it just ignited my passion even more, and ultimately convinced me to make the jump!


What is your most helpful blogging tip?

Most bloggers will tell you this, but it is worth repeating because it is SO important – and can be SO hard to do. You must (must!) be yourself in blogging. If you’re not, people can tell that you’re not being genuine. Real people have ups and downs, and it’s OK to share your real struggles on your blog! Of course, you don’t want to be down-in-the-dumps all the time or on a constant roller coaster of emotions, but you also don’t have to present a “perfect” life to the outside world. No one is perfect!


What is your favorite fitness activity?

Running Megan

Well, this is bloggers on the RUN, right? Running is definitely my favorite fitness activity, particularly in 3 varieties. First, racing. I love running in races, because it’s SO motivating to me. Even if it is a race in which I’m not trying to PR or do my absolute best, I walk away feeling so accomplished, happy, and refreshed. The energy really wears off on me! Second, medium-distance easy runs where I can get my mind off of something that is stressing me out. Running right around 10 miles at a relaxed pace in Spring weather is probably my perfect run. Finally, Girls on the Run. I’m in my 4th coaching season for Girls on the Run, and I love everything about the program – from introducing girls to the sport of running, to teaching them about body image, self-confidence, and so much more!


What motivates you?

Many things can be motivating (for example, watching the Boston Marathon, reading running books, or talking to my husband about running), but in the end, my biggest motivation is always myself. I am on a constant journey of self improvement, and I love continuing to challenge myself!


What has fitness changed about your life?

Megan Running

So many things! Fitness helped me think about food as fuel, and learn how important nutrition is to so many aspects of my life. Fitness has also been a huge source of stress-relief for me, especially in times when my life felt otherwise out of control. Finally, it has given me self-confidence! I’m certainly not perfect, I’ll likely never win a race, and there are millions of people who are “fitter” or “stronger” or “better-looking” “than me, but in the end, I feel great about myself when I am treating my body well.


What is your favorite pump up song?

This is kind of embarrassing, but it’s “Lose Yourself” by Eminem!


What is your favorite running distance?

Megan with Medal

Unquestionably the half marathon! I’ve run 28 of them and am definitely not stopping now! I think it’s the perfect distance – a huge challenge, and something you have to train for to be able to race “right,” but still doesn’t leave you SO trashed and leave so much room for error like a full marathon.


What is your favorite motivational quote/mantra?

I love the quote “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday”! It’s applicable to so many parts of life!


What is your favorite piece of running/fitness gear?

I have to say my Garmin. I challenge myself to go on some runs without it, but I’m a data nerd, so I love tracking my runs and collecting all the statistics!


What is your favorite “treat”?

Ice cream, for sure! I love cookie dough, or a cinnamon-roll flavored! Yes, it’s as good as it sounds!


What is a long term running or fitness goal you have for yourself?

I am always seeking to improve my half marathon time. Although it seems like a stretch now (my PR is 1:39), I would LOVE to go under 1:35 one day!


Tell us something unique about yourself.

I actually hate clothes shopping for myself, and very rarely go to the mall or to “real” clothes stores to shop. But I could shop for workout clothes online for HOURS on end – I love it!


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is starting out running, what would it be?

Start slowly! I see so many runners end up injured or burned out because they try to go too far or too fast, too soon. Start with a walk / run program, and keep your expectations low. Be proud of yourself for just getting out there!


How do you find/make time to train?

Right now, my days are more flexible, and it’s not too difficult. Sometimes I run in the mornings like a “normal person,” and other times I’ll start working at 6am and run at noon! It all depends on the day. It was a lot more difficult when I was working 80-hour weeks with an inflexible schedule, but scheduling my workouts into my calendar and treating them as appointments was always helpful. Plus, being willing to wake up very early – I have a lighted hat for a reason! 🙂


What’s an accomplishment you are most proud of?

I think that leaving my job and starting my own business is the bravest thing I’ve ever done. It was a huge leap of faith, and a bit “out of the ordinary” for people in my field, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been and so glad I had the opportunity to make my dreams a reality. Being self-employed is a challenge every day, but knowing that I’m relying on myself to make it work is very motivating!


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