Good morning!

As I am writing this it is way too late in the evening. We went to have a late birthday dinner with my family tonight and just got back. I planned on being much more productive today, but that just didn’t happen. Oh well – today is always a new day!

Yesterday morning started off with a 6 mile easy run.

6 Miles Easy

No music, just me and the road and it was wonderful. I needed it. However, it was one of those runs where I had a hard time getting myself going. I look forward to easy days but my legs are always so tired. I really had a hard time pulling myself out of bed, lacing up the shoes and get moving.

Get Out the Door

Yep, this was 100% me yesterday morning.

Once I got going I felt fine, it just took a little effort to get myself out of the door. We all have days like that!


After I finished running, completed some work and got a few conference calls out of the way we were off to my parent’s house for dinner. We had a delayed birthday celebration for Wes and we hadn’t seen my parents in a while so we figured tonight was better than any!

We had a great time. Some days it is just so nice to get away and relax. I’ve been needing to do that a lot more lately.


My mom makes this super easy and simple salsa, but it is delicious!


I’ve been craving it so much lately so finally decided to give it try myself. The only ingredients it calls for are:

1. Black beans
2. Corn
3. Green Pepper (chopped)
4. Onion (chopped)
5. Cilantro
6. Tomatoes (can be canned or fresh)
7. Olive Oil
8. Red Wine Vinegar

It’s the easiest directions. Combine all the vegetables and cilantro together and add olive oil and vinegar to taste. I used one can of black beans, corn and tomatoes for this one. The green pepper, onion, and cilantro I just add until it is well mixed. It’s one of those recipes that is super simple but nice to have laying around!

Salsa with Scoops

Oh, and if you are going to eat this with chips and salsa you need to use the Scoops. It’s a must!

It’s also super easy if you need a quick salsa or appetizer for a dinner party. I have been on a hunt to find quick, easy and healthy recipes lately. Once I start working Monday time is going to be crunched a bit more. I need to have some easy go-to options to make sure I keep both my husband and I well fed!


I am going to cut this a bit short tonight, I am off to bed so I can get ready for my 7 mile tempo in the morning! It makes me nervous, but I know if I can do 6 miles – then I have 7 in me!


Make sure to check back. I have some exciting things coming in the next few days for you!


What is your favorite healthy and easy go-to meal?

What is your workout today?

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