Remember that crazy cold front that came through this past winter? I believe most people referred to it as the polar vortex.

The exact opposite is happening now, we are getting a heat wave. It is HOT!


Today was 98 degrees and almost 80% humidity. Even when I got up at 7:00 AM to get in my workout before it got crazy it was very humid. I am thankful though that I wasn’t doing it in the afternoon.


Here is a bit of a recap of my first two days back after my step back week:


Monday I woke up earlier than normal to get in an easy 6. Wes had asked if I would mind biking and pacing him on his workout, so I got up to get my run in first. There is just no way that I can run after biking.

6 Miles

It wasn’t a bad run, a little warm but overall just your typical Monday run for me.

After I finished I rehydrated, changed clothes and headed out to the trail to help Wes on the bike.


His goal was to do a 60 minute tempo run averaging a 5:50 pace or just under.

We ended up covering 10.5 miles in 60 minutes, a 5:44 average. After he finished I got off the bike and walked the rest of the way back to the car.

Beautiful Day

It really was a beautiful day out on the trail even if it was warm. I don’t think there is anything better than running by the water.

Overall a 6 mile run and 10.5 mile bike ride made for a pretty excellent first day back.



I had another early morning on Tuesday because I knew I had to get in my workout before it REALLY heated up.

My workout called for:

1 mile warm up
5 x 1 mile repeats (7:25, 7:23, 7:26, 7:22, 7:35)
800 meter recovery between each
1 mile cool down

Wes found me in the middle of my 4th mile repeat and helped pace me through the last one. I don’t think I could have finished #5 without him there. True teamwork.

After Workout

Don’t let the smile fool you – I was dripping sweat and exhausted. I laid on the floor for a good 15 minutes before I even began my stretching and core work.

I’m really proud of the workout, it was probably one of the toughest workouts I have done to date. It was hard, hot and exhausting but I pushed through it and it showed me just how far I have come throughout this 10k training. One more week and then I begin into my marathon training. I have to say I am pretty excited.


We spent the rest of the afternoon running some errands.  Since our party is on Saturday there were a few things I wanted to get put up before people came over.

One of the main ones being a curtain to put in front of where our washer/dryer is.


It originally had doors on it, but our dryer wouldn’t fit so we had to remove the doors. Since the washer and dryer is in our bathroom I figured I needed something to make it a little nicer.

I think this did just the trick. Plus, I found it at Marshals for a lot less than the original one I was looking for. Win!

Dress Purchase

I also picked up this pretty dress. I figured if I was in Marshals I might as well browse!

Please ignore the mess of hair on my head. It was not a “hair washing” day so it got put up in a crazy bun instead. Yep, my husband is a lucky man to be seen with me today!


What is the temperature where you are?

What is the toughest workout you have ever done?

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