Now that I am officially in marathon training I thought it would be fun to recap each week. Not only does this give me a way to share my progress, but it also allows me to be able to look back on it as I need to.

Marathon Training

I was a bit nervous going into this first week. I didn’t really know how my body would start to respond to marathon training.

I’ve heard over and over how Hanson’s method focus heavily on “cumulative fatigue.”

“Cumulative fatigue: The idea of cumulative fatigue centers around the long run. When you look at a lot of other training programs, there is also a primary focus on the long run. However, the idea of cumulative fatigue means that the runner is going into the long run slightly fatigued from the training during the previous days. It also means that training will resume as normal the days following the long run. There isn’t a single day that is overly difficult for the runner, but every day is tough enough that there isn’t a full recovery between all runs of major importance. In other words, the long run is literally in the middle of the training cycle, not the end of the training cycle (weekly).”

Due to my scheduling the best day for me to take a rest day is Friday. The original schedule has me resting on Wednesday. This throws a wrench a little bit in the cumulative fatigue theory. Hanson’s addresses schedule changes in their book and states that it is OK to switch the schedule around but to make sure you are consistent throughout each week. While I worry a bit this will throw my training off a bit, I’m still confident if I can hit the workouts I can make large improvements.


Here is a look at my training for week 1 of my Hanson’s Marathon Training:

Monday (7/21)

6 miles easy


Tuesday (7/22)

1 mile warm up
6 x 800 with 400 recovery
2 mile cool down


Wednesday (7/23)

6 miles easy


Thursday (7/24)

6 mile tempo run (47:45)


Friday (7/25)

Rest Day


Saturday (7/26)

10 miles (8:29 average pace)


Sunday (7/27)

8 miles easy


Total Miles – 47 miles


What I Learned This Week:

One Day At a Time

I tend to get ahead of myself when it comes to training. I am already thinking about my tempo run on Monday, when I should just be focusing on taking things one day at a time. Each day comes with it’s own challenges and thinking ahead does nothing but add stress. Taking each run one day at a time helps me relax and enjoy each run for exactly what it is.


One Mile At a Time

Just like with taking each run one day at a time, I also have learned to take each run one mile at a time. Sometimes when you are starting a run you have a tough time getting into it or you are focused on how you are going to complete the other “x” number of miles. I saw this specifically on my tempo run Thursday. I remember panicking a bit at mile 2 because I had 4 more to go, but then as I relaxed and took the tempo one mile at a time it not only passed the time quicker but it help me relax.



I have been more focused on recovery this week than anything. Before, during and after each run I have made a point to do the little things that make a big difference in keeping me performing at my best. It is a focus for me this time around to do the little things that will help me succeed. The running itself is only one part of the training – hydration, stretching, foam rolling, core work and strength work also play a HUGE part in healthy and injury free running.


Toughest Run

I think the toughest run mentally for me this week was the tempo run. I was really doubting myself going into and I know that didn’t help my mental stability. I pushed through and ended up feeling really proud at the end.


Best Run

Long Run

The best run was my long run on Saturday. I felt pretty strong the entire time, even on the uphills. I ran it a little quicker than I had wanted, but thankfully it worked out in my favor. I really need to get this pacing correctly thing down.


I am really excited to see where this takes me and how my body responds as I continue with this method!


How did your training go this week?

What is your favorite run each week? I always stress about it for some reason but I LOVE the long run!

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