Happy Sunday!

We have had such a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying some piece and quiet at the beach.


Who couldn’t relax with a wonderful view like that!?

I started Saturday morning off with a long run. It was hot and humid, but overall it went pretty well. I spent most of the time just trying to get myself to relax.

11 Miles

I ran just over 11 miles and averaged an 8:41 pace. Not too shabby.

After I got back from my run we helped my in-laws fix up a few things that still needed to be worked on after the hurricane, and then headed out to spend the afternoon on the boat.

Boat Afternoon

This was also Zoe’s very first trip on the boat AND in the water!

Zoe on the Boat

She did awesome! I’m not quite sure she is going to end up being a water dog but she sure took strides to conquer her fears! She was pretty much worn out the rest of the evening.

Worn Out


Here is a recap of my running this week:

Monday (7/14)

6 miles


Tuesday (7/15)

7 miles


Wednesday (7/16)

6 miles


Thursday (7/17)

8 miles


Friday (7/18)



Saturday (7/19)

11 miles


Sunday (7/20)

7 miles


Overall I am happy with this week. I made it a point to stick to one week without a workout. I still kept moderate mileage but I wanted to focus on relaxing and letting my body recover.

I am nervous and excited to officially start my training tomorrow!


I thought I would share several powerful articles I saw online this week:

1. An Awesome Message in Self Love from the Harvard Women’s Rugby Team

I saw this article earlier this week and loved it. These women on the Harvard women’s rugby team wrote on each other bodies what they loved about each other.

It is a great article about not only self-acceptance but how great of a bond can grow between members of a team.


2. What Professional Female Athletes Think of the Always’ “Like a Girl” Ad

In case you haven’t seen the ad that has been going around the internet, here it is:

It’s such a powerful message that is delivered in the video. I loved reading the article above that referenced what many professional athletes thought of the video. Some of my favorites were:

“I think it’s a very powerful video. I’ve written about the internal conflicts of being a female athlete. These seemingly harmless words continue to prevent girls from developing the indomitable confidence many of us have been lucky enough to protect or restore…” – Lauren Fleshamn

“… I think this is an empowering video and it isn’t telling people how to ‘get your bikini body.’ It’s telling women to stop perpetuating stereotypes. I like it.” – Kara Goucher

“…If I didn’t ride like a girl, I wouldn’t have won an X Games Gold medal or all my championships. I love being a girl, I love being a winner!” – Kacy Martinez


3. Colbie Callait’s New Video – Rejecting Photoshop Perfection

I’ve always loved Colbie Callait’s music, and I think I do even more now.

She states in the article above:

“When I see gorgeous models and singers and they look perfect on their album covers, it makes me want to look like that, too, and it makes me feel like if I don’t Photoshop my skin on my album cover, I’m the one who’s going to look a little off and everyone else is going to look perfect. And that’s what everyone is used to seeing.

They’re used to seeing people on the album covers completely Photoshopped. On one of my album covers, my arm was shaved down and it made me look very skinny. I think that gives a false reality.”


What is a great article you have read recently?

How did your running go this week?

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