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One of the things I was most excited about when we found out where we were moving (besides being close to family of course) was the fact that Virginia is known for having awesome trails. I have never been a trail runner, but have always been interested in getting into it. We tried a couple times when we were living in PA, but they just didn’t have many options.

The second week we got here we joined a local running group for their Tuesday night trail run. At first, I got my butt kicked. I didn’t have trail shoes, I didn’t realize how hard it can be when you are used to pavement and flat ground, but regardless I loved it.


I kept going back and slowly but surely I started to improve. Not only did trail running provide me with a way to spend time getting to know other runners in the area, but it also provided some great low impact running.

Recently, I received a pair of trail shoes from Mizuno.  They seriously could not have come at a better time! I’ve read great things in the past about Mizuno’s trail shoes and knew that they were committed to making quality trail shoes to help improve performance. They pride themselves on providing versatility and ease along the trail.

Mizuno Wave Hayate

I was given the opportunity to try the Mizuno Wave Hayate. Here are some features of the shoes:

  • The Concave Wave cradles the heel for a sure-footed landing, while the midfoot x-groove delivers maximum adaptability on any surface.
  • The outsole’s aggressive x-studded outsole pattern makes the Wave Wave Hayate suitable for the most technical trails, while the lower ramp of 9mm and low midsole heights puts the runner closer to the ground with a fast, low-slung feel.
  • The Wave Hayate weighs in at an amazingly light 7.2oz.

Mizuno Wave Hayate

My first impression was that there was no way these could be trail shoes. I didn’t expect them to weigh 7.2 oz! They are amazingly light even for a normal trainer.

Wave Hayate On

Compared to other trail shoes I have seen these did seem lower to the ground which worried me a bit in terms of my ankles. I am extremely clumsy so trail running is a bit of a risk for me. I always assumed trail shoes would be both heavy and higher off the ground. However, after trying them out on several trail runs this has never caused issues.

They provided great support for my ankles and my knees. When I did my first couple trail runs (without having proper trail shoes) I noticed a lot of soreness the few days after. This mostly was due to the fact that shoes I was wearing didn’t provide adequate support.

Mizuno Hayate

The color of course is pretty neat. The pictures appear to have a slight green tint to them, but that is just my extremely bright socks showing through.

I think these shoes are perfect for the new or experience trail runner. They provide great support, traction and make trail running much easier.

Mizuno Trail Shoes

If you don’t currently make trail running a part of your weekly routine, I highly suggest it! It is a great way to get to know others, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the trails. I always go as slow as I need to when trail running and really take in all that is around me. No music just me and the trail.

You can find more information about the Mizuno Wave Hayate here. They also make the Mizuno Wave Kazan which is another great trail shoe for those in the market.

So now my challenge to you is to get out there and blaze new trails!


Have you ever gone trail running?

Do you use trail shoes?

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