Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend doing what you enjoy most!

My Saturday was full of exactly that. I started off with a 12 mile run. I had laid my clothes out the night before to make sure I got up earlier than normal. Wes really wanted to do a bit tougher long run on Saturday and asked if I would mind meeting him at various spots along the way with water and fuel.

Clothes Laid Out

I decided to get up around 7:00 am and get my run done so that I could be back around the time it started. It actually worked out in my favor because it was overcast and not too hot early.

12 Miles

The run over all went well. It wasn’t my best run and it wasn’t my worst run. I guess you can’t really complain! I was doing really great until about 9.5. The end of the course I was running had some big hills so I ended up slowing down a lot. The last couple miles took it out of me.


Here is a look at my week as a whole:

Monday (6/23)

6 miles (easy)


Tuesday (6/24)

1 mile warm up
15 x 400 (400 in between each) – supposed to be 16 but cut it short
1 mile cool down

10 miles


Wednesday (6/25)

7 miles (easy)


Thursday (6/26)

5 minute warm up
20 minutes “out”
20 minutes “back” faster
5 minute cool down

6 miles


Friday (6/27)

Rest Day


Saturday (6/28)

12 miles


Sunday (6/29)

7 miles (I am supposed to do a tempo run in the AM at goal marathon pace. Should be interesting!)


This was quite a week. I can tell that I need a bit of a break so I plan on doing things a little different in the upcoming week (more to come on that tomorrow).


I’ve been thinking a lot after my run Saturday about “good” and “bad” runs. At one point I would have told you that any run where I didn’t stay on pace or didn’t hit my goal was a bad run. Then that little injury happened, and it has changed my way of thinking about my runs.

When it comes down to it really any run that I am injury free is a good run. Even the hard runs are “good.” I still find myself getting disappointed when I don’t hit a workout or cut it short, but then I remind myself how good it feels to run and not be injured and that really changes my way of thinking pretty quickly.


How did your training go this week?

How do you classify a “good” vs “bad” run?

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