I should be back to a somewhat normal schedule tomorrow and will bring you my running recap for last week. Until then, I wanted to bring you one last guest post as we run our last few errands today and get a few things set up. Today I am bringing you an awesome guest post from Emily!


The elusive species is born to run the untamed trails of the wilderness. When hiking took too long they decided to speed it up and head for a jog run, one told another and it spread like wildfire, bad expression, it spread like…whatever else spreads like crazy. Go on, get your minds of the gutter – no gutters on the trail!

Things You See Trail Running

Anyway, the point is, with more than us than ever out pursuing the jungle (or the backyard) we’re bound to see some crazy things, and boy do we! Here are the five most uncommonly common things I spot on the trail:

1. Trail Signs of all sorts.

Seems legit, right? Ehh, not so much! Trail signs are (or should be) plenty of places to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. Sometimes there are history plaques, trail maps, or mile markers. Most are really interesting, some not so much, runner beware 😉


2. Shirtless men.

Shirtless Men

You are welcome ladies! Most of the time these men are lean and running faster than you will ever. That’s not discounting you by any means, it’s just, well by the time you catch your breath and wipe up your drool they’re gone. Trails aren’t usually like the track either, you don’t typically see the same person several times.


3. Wildlife.

This may include other trail runners, alligators if you’re brave (and quick) enough to try the swamps, or the regular ol’ squirrel/deer. Even if you don’t see anything you can always hear the scurrying critters!


4. POOP.


Sorry, I didn’t mean to yell but it beckons the call so I’m not really all that sorry. Whether you like it or not trail running calls for poop, it’s the nature of the business (hehe). You see horse poop, dog poop, uhm, sometimes you even see people poop. Yes, it’s gross but until it’s your poop you can never truly appreciate the great outdoors. Mark my words.


5. “The Rock” (Johnson).

dont trip

Or the tree root or the branch that blindsided you. The one you said wouldn’t trip you. Somehow it did though, you stumbled, but being the wicked awesome trail runner you are you managed to get back up fairly quickly. If you’re palms weren’t bloody I’d give you a high five. Who am I kidding?! Up top!!


Don’t get me wrong, trail running is WAY more about shirtless men, poop, and overcoming the fear of “the rock” but these are all comforting things out on the trail, who knew poop could ever be comforting! Hint – I had no idea!


Tell me: what is your favorite part of being a trail runner?

If you head more for the pavement, what’s stopping you from heading out on the trails?


Don’t forget to head over and check out Emily’s blog! You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook..

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