I think one of my favorite parts (aside from being closer to our family) about our move are the amazing trail options that we have already found!

I’ve never really ran many trails mostly only because they weren’t many around where I lived. Now I can drive 5 minutes in several directions and have multiple options.


Sunday morning (our last morning at the beach) my training schedule called for me to have a workout. The workout wasn’t a short one either:

2-4 mile warm up
3 x 1 mile repeats (with whatever recovery was necessary)
2-4 mile cool down

After my good but very hot 11 miles on Saturday I knew that a workout wasn’t the best option for me. Instead, I opted to run an easy 6 miles.

6 Easy Miles

I was honestly shocked that my “easy” 6 mile average pace ended up as quick as it did. However, I still knew that holding off on that workout was the right decision.

For your enjoyment, this was what my precious pup looked like at the end of our beach weekend.

Tired Zoe

She was exhausted, but oh so happy! It pretty much mimics what we felt like after getting back from dinner Sunday night. Well worth it though!


Monday morning I woke up and was bound and determined to get my full originally planned workout in! We recently discovered a large paved trail that in total loops around for about 0.67 miles.

Monday Workout

My workout for Monday called for:

2 mile warm up
5 x 1200 meters (with 400 meter recovery between each)
2 mile cool down


I knew this trail we had found would be PEFECT for the workout. There is something about knowing you will only have to go around the loop 7-8 times instead of 20. It’s all a mental game when it comes to running sometimes.

Here is a breakdown of my workout:

Workout Breakdown

That is a LOT of watch pictures! HA!

I ended up running the 2 mile warm up and cool down on an unpaved trail right near where I did the workout. It was so nice to give my legs a break on the gravel and since the majority of it was under the trees it also gave me a much needed break from the direct sun!


I had a ton of errands to run yesterday and then we finished the evening watching the World Cup!

World Cup

I look forward to the World Cup so much and wish it happened more often than every 4 years!


What did your Monday run look like?

Are you a fan of the World Cup?.

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