As you are reading this we are all packed up and on the road to Virginia.  Even though this has been a crazy ride the past 4 years, in some ways it is sad to say goodbye. We have met some amazing people here. However, we are both really excited about what is to come! I will be back with a full recap of the past several days, but until we are settled I having some more amazing guest posts coming for you! 

Today I am bringing you an awesome post from Rebecca.  Take it away!


Hey lovely Loving On The Run readers! I am posting for Sara today since she is away and I am so happy to be here with you all! Sara is such a wonderful blogger and friend and I am glad to help her out. (You’re making a good choice being a readers of hers!)

A little about me before I start: I am the blogger over at Strength and Sunshine, which is pretty much my little corner of healthy living, food, fitness, and fun! I am also finishing up my senior year of high school and will be graduating on the 13th!

You could say I am pretty busy, with school, college, blogging, fitness, and just simply living! But there is one thing that always keeps me grounded and my head on straight. And that my friends is yoga! I have been practicing for almost 3 years now I love it more and more each day. I have learned so much about myself, my strength, my mind, and my body through my practice. It has made me confident and at peace with myself and continues to do so when I find myself is a rough situation.

Rebecca Yoga

What you may be surprised to know is that I have never practiced in an actually studio or with a live teacher. I am completely self-taught with a home practice. I have used wonderful online videos and yoga websites to teach myself. I follow a strong power Vinyasa style. I like to sweat and completely exhaust my body and mind with yoga. It is my release.


You may have thought about starting your own home-practice, and I am here to tell you that you can! You don’t need to spend tons of money going to a studio or buying the latest Lulu. You can have a committed practice right in the comfort of your own home. So how should you start? Here are my 8 tips!

1. Devote a yoga space in your home. It doesn’t matter where, just make sure it is calm, quiet, and somewhere you can disconnect and feel at peace. This can be your bedroom (which is what I use!), living room, or even a nice flat grassy space outside!


2. Carve out some time. I practice 3 times a week for about 90-120 minutes on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. This schedule works for me, but you should find some sort of routine so you can keep yourself accountable. That can even be just 30 minutes 2 or 3 mornings a week if you’re just starting!

Yoga At Home

3. Wear something comfortable.
In the winter, even with the heat on, it is cold in my house, so I choose to wear tight long sleeves and leggings. In the summer, it gets hot! So then I wear shorts and a sporty bra. I always but my hair in a bun too, otherwise I literally step and get tangled in my super long hair! Really anything goes! Just make sure you feel good and nothing will get in your way.


4. Have a quality mat. You don’t have to spend $80 on a yoga mat, but find one that is sticky and durable so you won’t slip and it will last long. I recommend Aurorae’s Classic Yoga Mat. I also like to use some mat chalk on the ends of the mat where my hands and feet go for extra hold!

Yoga Mat

5. Find your style.
When you are first starting out, you may struggle with what style you feel comfortable with. Just start testing out various videos and teachers until you start to find just what you love. I now can tell from the first 5 minutes of a video if it is my style or not. And the websites I recommend for videos are DoYogaWithMe and MyYogaWorks!


6. Go deeper with additional asana practice. Before I put on a video, I always take at least 30 minutes to do my own stretching and pose practice. This is when I work on arm balances, backbends, foot balances, etc. No video required!

Yoga Go Deeper

7. Find and share motivation and inspiration through online outlets, groups, and social media.
Even though you have a home-practice, it does not mean you are on this journey alone! Engage in social media like instagram, participate in monthly challenges, join Facebook groups, read yoga blogs, and even share you own progress on your own blog!


8. Have fun! Most importantly, have fun. Yoga is a about finding and exploring yourself. Going places you have never been and discovering new things about yourself each time you step on the mat. This is a journey and a beautiful one at that!


So if you have been wanting to start yoga, and just didn’t think you could. Well, you can! And for a huge list of recourse check out my Yoga page on my blog! I have all facets covered there!


Thank you Sara for having me on today! Namaste, my friends! Yoga on!


Make sure to go and check our Rebecca’s awesome blog! You can also finder her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin’!.

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