I have a very special product to share with you all today!

I have quite the collection of gym bags in my closet, but I have recently been on the search for a good backpack. As much as I like over the shoulder bags sometimes it is just more comfortable to carry a backpack to the gym.


I was given the opportunity to try out a GraniteRocx backpack and was pleasantly surprised. The backpack is launching this summer and is so much more than just a simple backpack.

The Tahoe Backpack was built to be used when hiking or for outdoor adventures. It can carry all your clothing, water bottles and more. On top of that it is also made to carry:

  • A flat or folding chair
  • Tent, Yoga Mat, or towel (located at the bottom of the backpack)
  • Shoulder pocket for cell phone
  • Side drink pockets

Tech Pack

It is a great all around backpack that can be used for everything from a gym bag to a great hiking backpack for a day out with the family.

Another neat feature of the GraniteRocx backpack is that it also has a cooler attached. It is insulated for hot or cold. I really find this handy for sticking my drinks in when I head out to the local track. No matter how hot it is out there I am able to keep them cool.


The cooler is detachable if you are just wanting to use the backpack. It can easily be stored and reattached again later when needed.

It can easily hold 2-3 water bottles or drinks comfortably.

Cooler inside

Once we are moved and located next to several awesome trails I plan to take this on hikes with the husband and pup! It is perfect for a day out with the family and works just as great as a gym/track backpack. Plus, it has plenty of room for lot so snacks, all my pups dog toys, and even an extra change of clothes.

I highly suggest this backpack to help take you and your family on some amazing adventures this summer!


How did your training go this week?

What is our favorite gym/go to bag?.

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