Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day. We were so blessed this year to spend the day with BOTH of our fathers. That hasn’t happened in a very long time, and even though it meant that it is now 11:20 pm and I am just now sitting down to blog, it was well worth it!

Wes and Zoe

Even though we don’t have actual children yet, I will give a quick shout out to the worlds most awesome fur father! We had a blast this weekend spending time with one of our fur children at the beach. She was spoiled rotten.


Recently I have been thinking a lot about fear. You know the things that hold us back from going after what we want. For the longest time I lived in fear that I would never be able to be a faster runner. I thought I was stuck in my normal “happy” place when it came to pace.

I finally decided to face the fear that I would fail in my big goal, and go after it. It took a while to convince myself that I could do this but slowly but surely I did! I am already seeing my times for easy runs slowly go down and doing workouts I never thought I could accomplish.

Bigger Than Your Fear

Recently I’ve been going through another situation that has caused that fear to creep back in. I’ve been toying with the idea of going after a big goal I have had for a while. It’s scary because it isn’t really a simple goal. It will require a tremendous amount of work on my part.

It will require completely stepping out of my comfort zone and going off into the complete unknown. I’m still not sure what my decision will be, but it has made me see how important fear is.

Change and Fear are Scary

Fear can hold us back, it can keep us down and it can keep us from going after our dreams. In some ways however, fear is also a way to show us where our passion lies. It is a sign that we are taking off and going down a road less traveled. That we are going after something that we once thought wasn’t possible.

Fear is  a way of showing us what is important. It is a way of pushing ourselves to a new level, a new point and to help continue to further ourselves in life.


Even though fear can be terrifying it is also a way of reminding us we are alive! Sometimes we get so caught up in a routine and the day to day that we forget simply to live! Fear makes you feel alive, it makes you challenge yourself and it reminds you once again of the important things in this world!

It can inspire us to act, it can inspire us to think and it requires you to do something!


My challenge to you this week is to embrace fear. Look at it as something that will make you better, something exciting and something that will require you to take action! We shouldn’t be afraid of fear – we should be excited for what it can bring!


Is there something in your life that you fear?

How was your weekend?.

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