Thank you all for your sweet messages on yesterday’s post. It was a low key day, but perfect! I actually had a lot of work to catch up on and we had some work being done on the house, so we ended up just having a nice dinner out together.



Tuesday I had a pretty tough workout to do.

1 mile warm up
8 x 400 meters (400 rest in between each) – 2 sets
6 minutes recovery between sets
1 mile cool down

In total I was supposed to complete 16 400s. It was overwhelming for me just to look at. I wasn’t really in the mood to head to the track, so I found a 0.25 straight away that was about a mile away from our house.

The first 8 went pretty well. I was hot and tired, but that is expected during a workout. Instead of jogging for the 6 minutes between sets I stopped, got some water and walked. I knew that wouldn’t make or break me.

I started the second set and could tell pretty quickly I was running out of steam. I finished 15 and could tell my pace had dropped 20-30 seconds on the last 2 I had done. Then I quit. Workouts are great things, but if you are dying that quickly then at that point it isn’t really doing you any good anymore.


The break down of my workout after I had plugged it into TrainingPeaks.

I finished up by running back home and then stretching and foam rolling for quite some time. I was worn out.


We headed to have a wonderful family dinner with my family that night. These are the nights I am so thankful to be within driving distance of both our families. We had dinner, laughed and just enjoyed the evening.

It was well worth getting back way too late and not getting enough sleep.


Wednesday morning I woke up to do a 7 mile easy run. We headed over to our normal workout area so that Wes could get in a workout. Right near there is a great trail that runs alongside the river, so I decided to run there while he completed his work out.

7 Miles

The trail was wonderful. It was flat, out and back and really was an effortless run. Except – my body was just not having it. I really should say my legs were just not having it. It was one of those days where your legs never get the memo that they are supposed to be running.

Instead of a steady run I stopped 2-3 times, stretched, got water and just decided to take my time on the run. It wasn’t even worth it at that point so I just wanted to take it slow. I walked the last little bit.


Runs the day after a tough workout can be tricky. Sometimes your body will surprise you and be fresh and ready to go. Other days it will feel like you are running with “led legs” as I like to call them.

Hard workouts take a lot out of your body and this run doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I mentally just decided to take it easy, break it up and try to relax. That was what became most important on yesterday’s run.


Have you ever had a day where your legs never got into it?

What is the hardest workout you’ve ever attempted?.

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