I will be back to somewhat normal blogging tomorrow. Even though this has been such a fun week or so, I am ready to get back to a little bit of normalcy in life!

Tonight I have a new blogger feature for you. This week you get two for the price of one! Gillian and Ellie blog over at Double Trouble Training.

Name: Gillian and Ellie

Gillian and Ellie


When did you first start blogging and why?

Gillan: Ellie & I are fans of so many running blogs and wanted to be part of this great community. We also wanted a way for us to share our training with each other as we can’t always chat as much as we like!


Ellie: My friend Gilly P and I started blogging a year ago. I’m Australian, and based in the North East of England, and she’s Irish, and based in Perth Australia. We talked about running to each other all the time, and realised that we could keep a blog with perspectives from both sides of the world. Plus, I really enjoy writing, and it has been fab to have a kind of running diary.


What is your most helpful blogging tip?

Gillian and Ellie Beach

Gillian: Don’t try and emulate or copy another blog. Remain true to your own voice!

Ellie: Write about what you know and what you like. Don’t feel pressure to write anything else: there is room for a lot of different voices. I find some of the UK blogs can be quite serious, and my tone is quite flippant in comparison, but I can’t change that!


What is your favorite fitness activity?

Gillian: Running!



Ellie: I love pole dancing as much as I love running. I have been pole dancing for 7 years, and am a beginners & intermediate teacher, and an aerial hoop teacher. Pole dancing helps my core and upper body strength, and running keeps my legs and glutes looking good 🙂

Plus both have different ‘highs’: the fabulous runner’s high needs no introduction! But there’s a term ‘polegasm’ (but cheeky) for when you nail a new move. The acrobatics involved makes it a very adrenaline packed sport!


What motivates you?

Gillian:  seeing my times get faster, feeling fit and strong.


Ellie: Feeling the power and strength in my body when I’m running, being able to explore and see new cities, and being able to eat what I like! I am very competitive with myself, and also want to try and beat all my times.


What has fitness changed about your life?

Gillian: Everything. I feel better about myself, am healthier and have made many friends.



Ellie: Fitness has changed how I look at myself. I used to have very poor self-esteem when it came to my body: I didn’t wear a swim suit for about 4years. Now when I run or when I do pole, I feel that I am in control of my body, and I know it is strong enough to support me. That’s a wonderful feeling. It has also helped me focus less on food, calories, weight, and given me the opportunity to make some lifelong friends through clubs etc.


What is your favorite pump up song?

Gillian: Eminem “Lose Yourself”


Ellie: At the moment it’s a choice between ‘Run the World’ by Beyonce (amazing) or ‘Feel so Close’ by Calvin Harris (my hubs and I walked out of the church at our wedding to that song, so it always puts me in a great mood!).


What is your favorite running distance?

Gillian: Marathon

Ellie: Traditionally my favourite distance is the half marathon. But tomorrow I am running my first marathon, so who knows…. it might change!!


What is your favorite motivational quote/mantra?

Gillian:  “You are faster than everyone on the couch!”

Ellie: ‘I can do hard things’ which I read from Hungry Runner Girl
‘It’s only pain, you’re not going to die’ from my pal and co-author Gilly
‘Toughen up Princess’ which my friend keeps telling me!
‘Shut up and run’ – from the SUAR blog.


What is your favorite piece of running/fitness gear?

Gillian: Lululemon Speed Shorts

Ellie: My favourite piece of gear is my tennis hat. It keeps the sun and the rain off my face, and stops my hair from flying about all over the place like a scarecrow. Second is my iphone: it has Strava, a camera, and my trusty tunes on it!!



What is your favorite “treat”?

Gillian: Chocolate and pizza.

Ellie: After a long run I love ‘For Goodness Shake’ chocolate milk. It’s the best.


What is a long term running or fitness goal you have for yourself?

Gillian:  To keep running forever! We see these 4 ladies in their 70’s every week and I want to be them when I am older!

Ellie: Long term running goal is to keep getting that little bit faster each race while I still can…. Long term pole goal is to maintain my splits.


Tell us something unique about yourself.

Gillian: I only started running 4 years ago, before that I hated it!


Ellie: Erm… already used the pole dancing card…. I have a vivid imagination and spend as much time day dreaming as I can. This is where running is awesome.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone who is starting out running, what would it be?

Gillian:  Stick with it, once you get past the first few weeks it doesn’t hurt as much.


Ellie: Run whatever distance you can: it all makes you a runner. Keep going, and enjoy the fresh air. No one is looking at you: everyone’s too worried about themselves! Remember the satisfaction you feel afterwards in those times when you don’t want to go!



How do you find/make time to train?

Gillian: I train in the mornings so I don’t have time to make excuses all day!


Ellie: On a Sunday I work out when my running sessions will be that week, based on what I have on. And then I force myself to go. Also, I know when I train best: I find it very hard to train in the mornings, so will rarely plan a session then!


What’s an accomplishment you are most proud of?

Gillian:  Going from hating running to doing a 10km fun run to signing up for a marathon and doing the program by myself without a clue as to what I was doing!


Ellie: In 2011 I ran the inaugural Sun Run from Dee Why to Manly beach in Sydney, and I placed:

– 950 out of 5035 finishers
– 211 out of 2804 female finishers
– 88 out of 898 female finishers aged 20-29

I am really proud of these stats!!


Head over to Gillian and Ellie’s blog and check it out! You can also find her on Pinterest and Twitter.

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