We are currently taking full advantage of the free time we have before my husband officially starts his residency. We know things are going to change quite a bit when that happens, so we have been trying to really focus on going out and enjoying some of the fun new places.

Friday night my mother-in-law surprised us and bought tickets to go see Billy Currington in concert. We hadn’t been to a concert since we were back in college, so we were excited!

Billy Currington

Of course, as you know the night began with a trip to Mexican. Delicious! After we finished we headed over to the outdoor amphitheater to get our seats.


Looking back on it, we probably should have arrived a little later as Billy Currington didn’t actually go on until 9:00 PM! We knew he had an opening act but we didn’t realize just how long it would be before he started.


Thankfully as we waited the weather was really nice. We enjoyed relaxing and taking it easy. We got some drinks, popcorn and sat back and enjoyed the opening acts.

Enjoying the Concert

Waiting for concert

As the night began to progress the weather started to take a turn. Dark clouds began to come in and we were worried the concert would be canceled since we were under a severe thunderstorm watch.


The clouds held out for most of the night until exactly 5 minutes before the main concert and then it began to rain. Even though a full on thunderstorm never started, we ended up leaving about 45 minutes into the concert. Being cold and wet gets old pretty fast!

It was still a really fun and relaxing evening!


Since it is Sunday I figured it is time to share my weekly running recap:

Monday (6/16)

2 mile warm up
5 x 1200 meters (400 meters in between each)
2 mile cool down

9 miles


Tuesday (6/17)

6.5 miles (broken up between 3 in the morning and 3 on trails in the afternoon)


Wednesday  (6/18)

1 mile warm up
45 minute fartlek
1 mile cool down

7 miles


Thursday (6/19)

7 miles


Friday (6/20)

Rest day


Saturday (6/21)

11 miles


Sunday (6/22)

6-7 miles (I haven’t decided wether or not I will do a workout or easy miles)


Saturday’s run went much better than expected. I slept in a little since I was out late Friday which meant it would be a much warmer run.

11 Miles

I ended up running an out and back course for a total of just over 11 miles. My actual training plan called from 10-12 miles. I took my long run up to 11 for the first time last week, so I decided to keep it at that again this week.

Water Girl

After I finished I got Zoe in the car and we headed out to find Wes and give him some water. He ended up having me pick him up a bit early to avoid some hills.


Overall another great week of training. I am happy with my progress considering this was the hottest week so far! I only have a few more weeks in my 10k training plan. I haven’t quite decided what direction I’ll take when it is over. I’m on the look out for a race to do once it is finished though to get a better picture of where I stand.

I’m still aiming for an October/November local marathon. Assuming I can stay healthy and keep improving I have high hopes! Even if I don’t BQ at that marathon I should be in shape to significantly PR.

I guess I am getting a little ahead of myself. One day at a time!


How did your running go this week?

What was the last concert you went to?.

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