Hi there! We safely got to Virginia last night, but now we have a full day of unpacking and trying to get things organized and ready in our new place. I can’t wait to share our new place with you, but for right now I have another awesome guest post coming at you. I will be back as soon as things start dying down a bit.

Today I am bringing you an awesome post on trail running, which I hope to do a lot more of now that we are in Virginia, from Jenny!


Perhaps you’ve been running for fun and fitness for a little while now.  Maybe you’ve completed your first 5K, ½ marathon, or even a full marathon.  Maybe you’ve even trained hard and achieved some personal records at local road races.  But instead of chasing the next distance or personal record, you want to try something new with running.  Trail running is a great addition to your current running program.  Not only will it breathe new life into your running routine, but your regular running will benefit from hitting the trails by making you a stronger and well-balanced athlete.  But how do you get started with trail running if you are a complete beginner?  Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Trail Running

1. Look online for local running groups that run off road. 

Lots of groups list their runs either on a Facebook group or on www.meetup.com .  These group are usually very welcoming to new trail runners, and will be able to help guide you to the trails.


2. Enlist a buddy.

If you can’t find a group, see if you can get a friend to go along with you.  Not only is it more fun to explore with a buddy, but it is also safer in case you run into any problems along your route.


3. Carry water and gels with you. 

It may seem like you won’t need them (it’s only 3 miles!), but it’s a smart idea to have it with you in case you get off route and take a little longer than expected.


4. Bring your cell phone along.

Not only can your phone help you if you need to make a call, but you can also use the map app to look at your location if you get disoriented.  It also makes a handy camera if you see something you want to photograph!


5. Expect to run slower than your usual pace!

Most people are surprised that their pace slows on trails.  Trail running is more challenging than running on a paved road, especially if the terrain is difficult.  Enjoy the process and know that it is making you a stronger runner!

Challenge Yourself

Most importantly, remember to have fun! Trail running is a great way to enjoy running for fitness while exploring some great areas around where you live.  And who knows?  You might get hooked and sign up for your first trail race!  I’d love to hear from you if you’ve given trail running a try! Connect with me on Twitter or Instagram.

You can follow my trail running adventures (usually with my pup NiKYO) on my blog .  I can’t wait to see you on the trails!.

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