Friday! You are finally here! We have some exciting things going on this weekend, so I am ready to get it started!

First I want to start off by saying thanks for all your suggestions yesterday. I am also relieved to hear that I am not the only one who lacks decorating skills!


I finished out my last run before my rest day yesterday. It was a simple 7 miles with an out and back course. Nothing fancy. Nothing real exciting to report. In fact, it was so unexciting I didn’t even get a picture of my watch. I know – how do you even know it happened then!? Ha!

I did though get a picture of something much more exciting. Sweet frog!

Sweet Frog


It’s been a while since I shared some of my favorite running quotes, so I thought in honor of Five Things Friday I would share 5 Running Quotes That Inspire Me.


I think I have mentioned on the blog before how much I love Steve Prefontaine and how much I love this quote. I even gifted a poster with this on it to my husband for an anniversary. It stays in our office.

Running is a gift. Every single day. I think however this quote can apply to so many areas of our life – I always try to go out and give my best. No matter what it is.


Kara Goucher

I saw this quote by Kara Goucher several months ago and it has really stuck with me. It is a reminder that even when you do have the success in running, meet your goals, and set a PR it all ends up coming back to the joy that running brings. Running makes so many parts of life wonderful.



I remember a period of time where I always tried to compete against someone. It was a constant battle of comparing myself to others. After an injury and many other lessons I have learned that the only thing that matters is being better than the person I was yesterday. Learning from my mistakes and being the best I can each day.


Lifetime Sport

Training, workouts and PR’s are all dreams and goals that I have. I go out there and run each day dreaming of my next goal. However, at the end of the day I want to be healthy. I want to run for life and no matter my goals, dreams or desires at the end of the day all I really want is to be healthy and be able to run for many many years to come.



I thought I would leave you with one last Prefontaine quote because I love them so much. There is so much more to the journey of running than how you do during one race. The road up to the race is sometimes rocky, but it shapes us into who we are. You can’t look at the race day and see the journey. You can’t see where that runner has come from. Always remember to look and see how far you’ve come!


What is one of your favorite running quotes?

Any big weekend plans?.

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