First off I want to start by saying THANK YOU for your amazing and sweet comments on yesterday’s post.  I always am a little fearful when I put myself out there like that, and even though this post was full of positive news it still was a bit nerve racking. Each and every comment meant so much to me!


Things have gotten a little crazy on the home front over the past few weeks. I figured I would give you all an update on what has been going on.



We are officially 26 days away from graduation and roughly 30 days away from our big move.  Wes is finishing up his final emergency medicine rotation.

I feel completely out of whack and don’t see how I am going to ever get all the packing done, but I know it will come in time.


Being on an extremely tight budget and having to move 7 hours away is not really an ideal situation. Our original plan was to hire movers to move us. Wes’ residency does not have a moving allowance so we are completely on our own on this one.

I’ve been getting different estimates but every one is coming back $3,000+! I have never used a moving company before so maybe this is completely normal but there is no way that we can afford it.

Now I have moved on to Plan B. Renting a truck, hiring some people to come and pack and unpack us and driving it down ourselves.  When we first moved to Erie we had a lot less stuff (no washer/dryer, no treadmill, no grill) and were able to do it all ourselves. Unfortunately, this time around we are going to need help.

I’m still trying to get all of the details worked out, but now I am remembering just how stressful moving can be even when you are really looking forward to it!

I have officially packed TWO whole boxes. That’s progress right!?


Job Search

Searching for a job when you live out of state isn’t the easiest. I have some connections down that there are looking promising, but the whole processing is moving along a little bit slower than I had hoped.

The original goal was to have a job secured BEFORE we move. That is still my goal, but I am trying to cut myself a little slack if I have to finish the search once we move.

We don’t have the financial means to allow me to travel back and forth to interview so that may delay my job a little bit. I am OK with that but hoping to still have things in the process of being finalized before the move.



Yesterday the weather was rainy so I had to head inside for my workout.

I did a small warm up and then hopped on the treadmill for the actual workout. The original workout called for 18 minutes out and then 18 minutes back faster. It seemed kind of vague so I tweaked it a little.

I ran the first 18 minutes at right around a 9:00 min/pace. I didn’t want to run it easy but comfortable.

After I hit the 18 minute mark I decided I would run the last 18 minutes by cutting it down. I started at an 8:30 and cut it down to run the last 30 seconds at a 6:47 min/pace. In total it was about 2.3 miles.

Running Workout

I really love switching up my workouts each week. It keeps me from getting bored and my body guessing!

I also spent about 30 minutes working on glutes, core and a few upper body exercises.


Mother’s Day

I hope everyone remembers that Sunday is Mother’s Day! I always hate not being at home for times like this, but I am excited that this will be our last holiday away from family.

Mother's Day
I got my cards out in the mail this morning!


There you have it. We have a lot of changes coming up and even though they are stressful I am accepting them with arms WIDE open!


Have you ever moved?

How is your week going?.

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