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Yesterday was my first Fartlek workout. Of course, I’ve heard of them before but I had never actually done one. The goal originally was to get outside and do it. Fartleks are based on effort so it’s more about how you feel than a specific pace. However, when I woke up this morning the pouring rain and 30 mph winds had other plans.

Off to the gym I went!

Fartlek Workout

The workout went great. I ran a 1 mile warm up and then did 1 minute hard effort followed by 2 minutes recovery. The thing about Fartleks is there isn’t a set amount of time to recover or for effort. You dictate it based off how your body was feeling.

I averaged about a 7:00 min/pace for the hard effort and around a 9:20 for min/pace for the easy effort.


I was really excited to able to wear some new shoes from Reebok during this workout.

Reebok ONE Cushion

The Reebok ONE Series Cushion. I have worn them on a few easy runs but this was the first speed workout I tried them on.

Reebok ONE Speed Workout

When I first heard that they were going to be a “cushioned” shoe I automatically decided they would be an easy run shoe. The first time I opened the box and took them out however I realized they were much lighter than I anticipated.

Reebok ONE Cushion Workout

Here are a features of the Reebok ONE Series Cushion:

  • Structured textile upper design to support the foot over the center of the platform, plus spacer mesh for breathability.
  • Low-cut design for added mobility with technical upper construction for fluid, seamless motion transition through the shoe.
  • Three-foam midsole with ultra soft layer for shock attenuation, lightweight layer for foot guidance, and a responsive layer to help with propulsion forward.
  • Stable and flat lateral arch area for maximum ground contact for runners with a neutral gait.
  • Outsole release zone for pronation control and stride integrity, plus outsole progression groove for longitudinal flexibility.
  • High abrasion rubber heel with decoupled outsole durably isolates shock absorption at the heel strike.

Here is a video showing how the shoe works:

One of the main focuses of the Reebok ONE Series Cushion shoe is to help maximize the comfort for runners who has a high arch. This really stuck out to me because I have always had high arches which sometimes ache when in the incorrect type of shoe.

Reebok ONE Cushion Front

As I mentioned I have worn these shoes on a total of 4 runs now:

  • 5 Mile Easy Run
  • 6 Mile Easy Run
  • Fartlek Workout
  • 5 Mile Easy Run with Strides

They have done great for every run I’ve been on. You definitely notice the added cushion but it isn’t overdone. I like how they managed to create a cushioned show that is also very lightweight which makes it practical for speed workouts as well.

Reebok ONE

I was very impressed overall with the shoes. Even though I was skeptical at first – the fact that I can wear them for different types of runs is a win in my book.

You can find more information on the shoes here.


Do you wear different shoes for different types of runs?

What is your favorite shoe currently?

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