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In less than 3 weeks I am going to be living in the south. Do you know how long I have waited to be able to say that again? On top of that, there are so many things I am looking forward to.

I’ve missed so many holidays and celebrations and time with friends and family that I can’t get back, but I am determined to be there for as many as I can from here on out!


One of the things that both my husband and I have really missed over the past 4 years were long weekends at the beach. My husband’s family owns a beach house in a small town near Beaufort, NC. It is so beautiful and peaceful there. We used to go quite a lot when we were in school. Anytime there was a long weekend you could find us soaking in the sun.

Sun at the Beach

It has been almost 4 years and we haven’t been able to go down there once. Sure, we have been home but the time constraints every time we visit has kept us from being able to make the 2.5 hour trip to the coast.

Back Dock

How can you not love every single thing about this place?

This got me thinking the other day. In the 4 years we have lived in Erie, Pennsylvania I have worn a bathing suite TWICE. TWICE! That is crazy. Even though we are a very snowy city they do have a state park that is right on lake Erie, but we have never made the time to go down and enjoy it like we could (stupid medical school).


I’ve been shopping around for bathing suits, something I usually hate. Since I haven’t been in mine in 4 years I figured it was time for an update.

I knew I needed a swimsuit that allowed me to pick separate tops and bottoms as I am disproportionate. There is nothing worse than a swimsuit that doesn’t fit properly.

Figleaves.com seemed to have all of this and more. They offer over 200+ designers of not only swimwear, but apparel, sleepwear and more!  Some of the brands they carry include: Aguaclara, Midnight Grace, Just Peachy, and the Figleaves label itself.

They offer customizable swimwear based on your bra size to ensure the perfect fit no matter your body type. I think that is what drew me to them the most because I knew that they offered swimsuits that not only would fit me correctly but that my body would feel comfortable in.

Some other notable facts about Figleaves.com:

  • Cup sizes range from AA – GG
  • Styles vary from classic one-pieces, tankinis, to fashion-forward bikinis

Figleaves top

I ended up selecting this two-piece and LOVE the fit and style. I was originally a little timid about the pattern since I usually end up going for solids, but it turned out better than expected.

Figleaves bottoms

One of the nicest parts of this bathing suit is the plastic clip in the back. It doesn’t dig into my skin like some in the past, but it still stays safely in place.

Figleaves clasp

I look forward to using this on our first trip back to the beach once we get back down south!


Want to know something exciting?

Now through June 15th if you use the code LOVE2014 you can receive 10% off all full priced items.


Tell me one thing you are looking forward to this summer.

Where is your favorite place to visit during the summer months?.

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