Sunday is seriously already here!? Whew. I’ve got some work to do!

I feel like things have been getting a little heavy on the blog lately. Of course, that’s fine! Life gets heavy right? I feel like having a little bit more fun today!

I know I previewed my entire schedule on last week’s recap but here is a run down of what I did this week in case you missed it.


Weekly Recap: 10k Training Week 2

Monday (5/5)

2 mile warm up
6 x 800 with 400 recovery in between
2 mile cool down


Tuesday (5/6)

5 miles easy (with strides)


Wednesday (5/7)

18 minutes out and 18 minutes back faster (5.3 miles)


Thursday (5/8)

6 miles easy


Friday (5/9)



Saturday (5/10)

5 minute warm up
30 minutes hard hills (1 minute at 7:30 pace and 4% incline, 2 minutes recovery)
5 minute cool down
(4.5 miles)


Sunday (5/11)

9 miles slow


If you don’t feel like adding that all up it is a total of 38 miles. Last week I hit 37 so total mileage is pretty much the same.

This week I would say went much better than last.  My body felt much more prepared and ready. I can already see subtle improvements when is really motivational!

Saturday’s workout required me getting up at 5:15 to get it in before heading off to work for the day. I hadn’t done that in a long time. It felt great getting it in so early, but my legs had a tough time getting into it.

Speedy Workout

The old me would have never been able to cut the workout at 4.5 miles. I would have forced myself to get a minimum of 5 to 6 miles in, however the old me is gone! Doing things right this time around is vital. Every run has a purpose and then purpose of this one was to be short and speedy!

Another new thing I have been doing lately is starting a running journal.

Running Journal

It’s nothing fancy but it not only allows me to track my miles but also how I feel, paces and just random notes I want to remember. It is nice to be able to look back and see how I was feeling during runs. It also helps me to adjust my fueling and paces if I see a downward trend.

Case a point: don’t eat apples before a run. I actually wrote that in my training log this week. I ate them two days in a row and my stomach hurt each time. Too much fiber I think.

After those two runs I adjusted my pre-run snack and it went much better. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

I’ve recently started loving a new breakfast.

Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts! I remember eating these as a kid and saw them the other day and decided to give them a try again.

One Serving

Just one serving (1/2 cup) of Grape Nuts has 8 grams of protein, fiber (but not too much pre-run) and 49 grams of whole grains. I love topping mine with fruit.

Note: This post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Grape Nuts, I just wanted to share something new I’ve been trying for breakfast that was really delicious and healthy!


Any-who… I told you this post would be lighter! Oh, and random but that’s OK!


Here are a few miscellaneous things I enjoyed reading this week:

1. How Meb Keflezighi Trained to Win the Boston Marathon

I really loved the openness and honesty that he shared in this article. A lot of elite runners are pretty hush hush about their training and diet. I get it, it’s their job but I really enjoyed reading this article this week from Meb!


2. This video on the difference in the body types of sprinters vs. marathoners.

If you’ve ever noticed when you look at sprinters and marathoners they are built VERY different. This video is short and simple and explains why these athletes often look very different. As it says at the end, “both runners, yet different athletes.”


3. This photo Kara Goucher posted on her Facebook a week or so ago.

Forgive Yourself
I could probably write an entire post on this, but then we’d be getting all deep and heavy again. I think for most of you who have been reading for a while you know why I love this.


4. This quote by Meb Keflezighi.

Winning doesn't mean 1st

He said this in discussion of how he would have felt if he hadn’t won Boston. He just turned 39 years old and ran his fastest marathon yet at Boston. He knew that win or lose he had gotten the best out of himself.


I’m off to enjoy the day with my husband. Our only day of the week where we both don’t work. Happy Sunday!

Do you keep a written training journal?

What is something interesting you read/saw this week?.

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