First off I want to start by saying Happy Memorial Day! I want to think all the brave men and women who have served and fought for our country. 

“A hero is someone who who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” Joseph Campbell


Well our Sunday didn’t start out quite as we had hoped. Wes woke up on Saturday night in immense pain. He has suffered from kidney stones since we were in college and spent all night curled up on the floor in pain. I felt terrible, because when kidney stones kick him there really is nothing you can do until you pass them.

I woke up complete stuffed up with a terrible sinus headache. I think the change in weather was to blame, but I’ll take that over the kidney stones.


We took a little longer getting moving once the morning started. Wes wanted to make sure he wasn’t in pain before he started out on a run. I swear nothing can stop that man from running!

While we waited for him to feel better I did start on cleaning out and packing the ever famous shoe closet.

Shoe Closet

Just in the shoes we have here (I know there are a few floating around the house) he has a total of 37 pairs. To his defense, he did allow me to donate 4 pairs and he actually hasn’t bought any new shoes in 6 months.

However, I believe him allowing me to donate 4 pairs now makes him feel like he needs to buy 4 new pairs. Oh well. Ha!

Note: The chucks are from my brother’s wedding last June, he doesn’t actually run in them!


After he started feeling better we both set out to get our runs in. I had my last workout of the week scheduled which called for “30 minutes hard hills.”

The only problem about the training plan that I’m following is that it doesn’t go into great detail about what that means. I do the best I can at coming up with something I think fits.

I found a small loop near our house that starts out with a hill that goes for roughly 250-300 meters. It’s a pretty steep and gradual hill.

I started with a 1 mile warm up to get my legs moving.

Mile Warm UP

I then ran the hill with hard effort and then did the rest of the loop and recovery for 30 minutes. I lost count but I think I ran the hill 6-7 times for a total of 3.52 miles.

Hill Workout

I finished with a 1 mile cool down back to the house.

Cool Down

It was a warm day and my sinuses were acting up still, but overall it went pretty well! This was one of those good running weeks. My legs felt recovered each day and I felt like I was on point. They don’t happen all the time, but I will gladly take it!


This week I officially begin “week 3” of my training plan. I repeated weeks 1 and 2 to lengthen the time of the original plan. Here is a break down of what the week calls for:

Week 3

I’m off this morning to make it happen. I alway switch my Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday/Thursday days, and even though we will be having family come into down starting Saturday I am hoping to be able to get up early enough to still get everything in!


On another note…

I don’t know if any other female runners out there have ever dealt with hair issues, but I know I have! The fact that I wear my hair up 80% of the time and straighten it leaves me often having issues with getting my hair to grow like I want it to and drying out.


I recently started trying Biotin. I know that you can get it in many foods but since my hair has seemed to be breaking too much lately I decided to start supplementing it on top of my diet. I started about 2 weeks ago.

I am actually really blown away at how much my hair has grown since then. I notice it because I really need to dye my roots! My hair feels stronger, breaks less and just looks and feels healthier. The great thing about Biotin too is that it is relatively inexpensive.

Just something I thought i’d share!


Since it is Monday and there really isn’t a whole lot of motivation in this post, I will leave you with this awesome quote I saw this weekend.

Motivation Quote

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day!


What does your running schedule look like this week

Any memorial day plans?  We will spend most of the day running, cleaning and packing. That is pretty much my life for the rest of the week..

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